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Kyle Farrell
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Here’s everything you need to know about the East Slope Summer Festival this weekend

Summer is here, and it’s buzzin’

Adam Tickell memes appear on London bus stops

The advertisement was a response to the Vice-Chancellor’s involvement in the UUK and UCU negotiations.

Sussex SU election turnout is better than last year… by just 0.8 per cent

It was still appallingly low

Frida is elected president of Sussex Students’ Union for her second term

The other officer positions have also been announced

The Monster Raving Loony Party is supporting Sussex SU presidential candidate Jon Munro

How’s that for an endorsement?

This Sussex presidential candidate is fighting for cheaper chips and cheaper pints. And that’s it.

Jon Munro is running for SU president and is only going to focus on two things students really care about

We can reveal how much the Sussex Vice-Chancellor claimed in expenses last year

You hungry Adam?

EXCLUSIVE: The Globe is shutting down

Say goodbye to The Globe

Buses will not be going into Sussex campus on Feb 22nd & 23rd

See if you are affected

‘This feels like the final pillar crumbling beneath us’: We speak to Sussex lecturers about upcoming strikes

Seeing the strikes as students losing money is ‘backwards’

Hold the phone, there is a Krispy Kreme scavenger hunt happening tomorrow in Brighton

and you can win ten dozen boxes of donuts

Sussex University UCU members vote overwhelmingly for strike action

Strike action was proposed against changes to staff pensions

Sussex SU leadership posing with Jacob Rees-Mogg causes row amongst students

One person commented ‘I thought you two were feminists’

A round-up of all the things that happened at Sussex University in 2017

Or at least, everything we’ve covered

Student bus ticket prices to rise from January 16

80 per cent of all bus fares will be increasing in the next few months

Sussex rent strike a success as students win £64,000 in compensations

Any cash for me?

Sussex students are going on a rent strike over the state of their halls

‘Our movement will only escalate,’ said one of the students in Kings Road flats

VOTE: What has been The Tab Sussex’s meme of the term?

We’re the meme machine

QUIZ: Sussex SU have launched a new poster campaign, but what the hell do they mean?

You may have seen these dotted all around campus

Want to get away? Jailbreak comes to Sussex University

The infamous event has students raising money for charity and attempting to get as far away from the university as possible

Brighton named as the second best place in the UK for events

London wasn’t even close to the top spot

Diwali comes to Sussex for a night of partying and food

The South Asian Student Society at Sussex are hosting a pretty amazing night

We asked Sussex University if Modafinil is cheating

The miracle study drug is a staple of some students’ lives, but what are the consequences?

You may have seen an MEP is banned from speaking on Sussex campus. He isn’t

The full story hasn’t been revealed

The Sussex Winter Ball is back, will you be going?

It’s baaaaaaaaacccckkkk

Do you want Sussex to win a van full of free sandwiches? Vote now for it!

Marks and Spencers have said they will deliver a van full of free sandwiches to Sussex campus

Taco Bell is coming to Brighton

Apparently there are already 18 stores in the UK

We fooled you – Sussex wasn’t actually visited by Pennywise

The truth about the red balloons that appeared around campus and Brighton

Love beer? Sussex Students’ Union are hosting a brewery tour in Lewes

Imagine Willy Wonka, but with beer

Two Sussex students have launched a carnival-themed night at Mono

Why not head on down?

Do you know your Rife from a Fret? Take our Sussex dialect quiz

Sussex used to have its own dialect that was a mix of French, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon.

We played the Sussex lecture drinking game and you should too

Brighten up a boring lecture today

Ho Ho Ho! Places for Brighton’s Santa Dash are now open

Have some baubles and sign up

Here’s everything we know so far about Corbyn’s secret visit to Sussex

Who were the lucky students who met him?

Jeremy Corbyn was in the Sussex Uni Jubilee Building this afternoon

He was quite sly with it

Nominate: Who will be Sussex’s maddest fresher of 2017?

We all secretly think it should be us

Brace yourself, Ed Miliband is hosting a pub quiz in Brighton next week

Yep, just in time for the Labour party conference

Fresher Diaries: Can we talk about how good the festival was last night?

It popped off

Oh lord… The Sussex Festival tickets are selling out quick

You need to jump on this pronto

New 28-day student saver ticket now available on Brighton and Hove Buses

You will only be able to purchase this on the B&H Bus app

Daniel Wakeford of Undateables fame is to perform at The Haunt

And we couldn’t be more excited

Brighton and Sussex students rank high for most fashionable and sociable according to new study

It’s because we don’t want to stay in our shitty accommodation

So, how does the new shared bike scheme in Brighton work?

We shouldn’t call them Boris Bikes, they’re Life Bikes…

Students of Brighton and Sussex: Do not buy the One Pass card

We’ll show you how to save money for free

Come and have a look at all of Sussex’s Freshers’ events, you sesh monkey

Could this be the best Freshers’ yet?

Let down by CheeseFest? BrewDog have got you covered

The Scottish brewery/bar will be hosting their own cheese day with discounts for CheeseFest wristband holders

Exclusive: Sussex and Brighton Varsity cancelled for 2018

The decision was made after Sussex and Brighton made national news due to violent behavior

Lewes Court and other on-campus accommodation to have their rent reduced for 2018/19

The rebuilding of East Slope has lead to a review of rent prices on campus

Brighton is the seventh best LGBT city in the WORLD

London was ranked fifth and Manchester thirteenth

Brighton and Sussex have been ranked silver according to Teaching Excellence Framework

The TEF ranks universities based on the quality of the education service they provide

Unbrielievable! ‘The Big Cheese Festival’ announced in Brighton

It’s gonna be ‘grate’

Boiler room style party held in secret location on campus on June 8th

URF will be hosting a 6 hour back to back DJ session in a undisclosed location on campus

The man, the meme, the legend: An afternoon with ‘teh univursity of susex’

We sat down with the mystery person to discuss everything about the Facebook meme page

Screw revision, here is what you guys are missing out on in Sussex clubbers of the week

Have you won anything?

Two pubs in Brighton & Hove have made the top 20 coolest pubs in the UK list

Have you had a drink here?

Patterns to launch brand new beach terrace and Prosecco menu this summer

A new makeover and menu has prepared Patterns for the summer

Brighton Beach to play host to huge shindig on July 29th

Gilles Peterson will be performing on the beach

Summer Synergy proved that Sussex and Brighton is more than Varsity conflict

Students from all over came together to host a ‘alternative’ summer ball proving we can work with one another

Sussex Students’ Union spends £800 on ‘Anti-TEF’ fairground

Gold, silver, and bronze medals are given to students which give them a disadvantage at each game

Unfair-Ground… Anyone else bored of the SU’s NSS campaigning?

£800 for a ‘unfair-ground’ against tuition fees? Bit rich…

Students to host their own alternative Summer Ball and you’re invited

‘We just thought, we could do it ourselves’

We’ve petitioned for Adam Tickell to perform a charity gig and you should sign

Our April Fool’s will become a reality

‘I will never take requests’ Confessions of a Brighton DJ

There is more to it than just pressing play

Fights, flares and fire: Sussex Varsity abandoned after descending into violence

Students’ Union outlets closed down, police involvement, and bottle throwing are just a few of the things that have happened today

We are live updating all the scores and news for Sussex Varsity

We will be live updating this page with all the information about Varsity

I spoke to Kitten Skye, the BDSM queen of Brighton

‘My Grandma is nothing but supportive’

Varsity banners cost over £700, and we can’t even use them next year

The banners say 2017 on them

Food hygiene ratings for Sussex food outlets revealed

Is your food safe?

New interactive films shows implications of far-right involvement in UK

The group, “open your eyes to hate”, seeks to tackle the rise in popularity of far-right groups in the UK

Sussex ranked the best place to study Development Studies in the WORLD

Nailed it

There have been six suicides at Sussex University in the past five years

A member of staff also died by suicide in 2015

Frida has been elected as Sussex’s new SU president

The other elected positions have also been announced

Have you seen the graffiti in the union boys’ toilet? It’s pretty funny

A bit of reading material whilst you go for a number two

We’re looking for new members to fill our exciting positions and we want you

Come join the 30+ Sussex team with the chance to be read by thousands

William is Sussex’s most eligible bachelor

Thank you for all those taking part

VOTE: Who was Sussex’s most eligible bachelor?

The time has come

We have the answers to your commonly-asked questions to the Co-op

Everything from IDs to meal deal sales

Here are your Sussex presidential candidates

We assessed their manifestos too

‘I went on a suicide route’: What happened after a Sussex grad was nearly deported by the Home Office

In 2015, Luqman Onikosi’s application to remain in the UK on medical grounds was terminated

So, how many ‘small things’ can you buy with £8.2 million?

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell said the university spends £8 million on small things… But what are those small things?

Meet Radar: Sussex’s latest entrepreneur success story

We caught up with former Sussex students, Nick and Dean, to chat about their business since leaving Sussex.

Is Brighton uni’s bar better than East Slope? We went to find out

For all of those who were wondering

EXCLUSIVE: You can submit questions for the on-campus Co-op via our form

Fill out our form and your question may be answered by those who help run the Sussex University Co-op

Success! Change will now be available for parking metres and launderettes

Change? Yes we can.

Anti-Nazi stickers have now appeared on campus

They read “Nazis not welcome”

An honest review of: Coombe Road

Just, hills.

Let’s be honest guys, Ring of Fire is the deadest drinking game

If Ring of Fire was a colour, it would be beige

Sussex Students’ Union releases annual plan for 2017

A number of projects have been announced as the union’s goal for 2017

Looking for a house? The Sussex Student Letting office is your place to go

Saving students thousands of pounds since 2012

Sussex University to act as rent guarantors for students in new pilot

20 students will take part in the pilot

Come have a look at the plans for the new Students’ Union building

Ooooooo, fancy.

Want to feature your society on The Tab Sussex? Now you can!

Come take part in “Society Spotlight”

Hundreds descend on Brighton Town Hall to protest against Trump

The huge turnout rallied in Bartholomew Square with guest speakers

Anti-Trump protest to be held at Brighton Town Hall

Over two thousand people have clicked attending on Facebook

Groovy, The Funk and Soul Weekender comes to Sussex

The Sugar Hill Gang, Soul II Soul, and Gilles Peterson will be attending.

Ding Ding! Sussex’s Most Eligible Bachelor is back for round two

Thought we were done with this? Think again…

Students of Sussex, we are recruiting new writers

We have had an amazing 2016, be part of an even greater 2017

Southern Rail to restore full train service after months of strikes

ASLEF has suspended industrial action

Exclusive: Sussex are enforcing a gender neutral language policy across the SU

Gender neutral language must be used where an individual’s pronouns are not known

Sussex just got absolutely trashed on University Challenge last night

We lost 245 to 35

We got the top ten Deliveroo dishes in Brighton for you to oogle at

Are you hungry yet?