Kyle Farrell

Kyle Farrell
Sussex University


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Sussex SU leadership posing with Jacob Rees-Mogg causes row amongst students

One person commented ‘I thought you two were feminists’

Jeremy Corbyn was in the Sussex Uni Jubilee Building this afternoon

He was quite sly with it

Brace yourself, Ed Miliband is hosting a pub quiz in Brighton next week

Yep, just in time for the Labour party conference

Fights, flares and fire: Sussex Varsity abandoned after descending into violence

Students’ Union outlets closed down, police involvement, and bottle throwing are just a few of the things that have happened today

‘I went on a suicide route’: What happened after a Sussex grad was nearly deported by the Home Office

In 2015, Luqman Onikosi’s application to remain in the UK on medical grounds was terminated

Exclusive: Sussex are enforcing a gender neutral language policy across the SU

Gender neutral language must be used where an individual’s pronouns are not known

Here’s what the cast of Skins are up to now

Katie is a bodybuilder and Pandora is at York Uni

Uber drivers on all the annoying things you do when you’re drunk

‘People think I’m their agony aunt’

I gave birth 12 hours before my graduation ceremony

‘My friends kept telling me my waters would break on stage’

We spoke to a trainee vicar whose church is a Pokémon Go stop

She caught an Eevee last week

Asking people at Farr Festival to define house music

‘House is a feeling’

We asked the organisers of anti-Brexit protests what they hope to achieve

‘No votes should have been cast based on the sheer volume of untruths’