It’s not that scary: An Introvert’s Guide to Halloween in Brighton

Do what you need to do, boo

Halloween is known for partying and drinking yourself silly with your closest friends. Now as fun as that all is, there are some other ways to have fun this spooky season. Here’s a guide to some introvert-friendly activities in Brighton.

Pumpkin carving

The perfect Halloween activity, there’s nothing like listening to some spooky tunes and carving pumpkins with your mates. From scary designs to something a little less sinister, the satisfaction of carving a pumpkin is unmatched. Switch off the lights, stuff with this fairy lights or candles, and watch your spooky design come to life. Don’t fancy carving them alone? Get yourself and your mates down to PLATF9RM in Hove for their pumpkin carving event on 25th of October. Tickets are £10 each and you can grab yours here. 


There is no better time of year to get baking than Halloween. From making bat shaped brownies to ghost shaped marshmallows, the spooky options are endless. You don’t have to take it too seriously either – everyone knows the decoration is half the joy. But if bakings not your thing, then get yourself down to your local bakery and grab some pre-made treats. So grab your mates, some icing sugar and various other baking utensils and bake up something Mary Berry would be proud off x

Spooky movie night

Paired with some Halloween baking, a spooky movie night is a staple for spooky season. You could watch some of the classics like Friday the 13th, Sinister or Halloween. If horror films aren’t your thing, you could always go with something a little less frightening like Hocus Pocus or Scary movie. Don’t feel like watching anything alone? Luckily for you PopWorld are screening horror movies at their “scary movie fright night”. The Sussex SU are also holding a free screening Stephen King’s IT on campus on Halloween night.

Haunted walk

Don’t fancy being stuck inside? Why not take a stroll through Brighton and experience the haunted Lanes firsthand. Sunset is prime time to feel those spooky vibes. Play some spooky tunes and you’ll feel like you’re walking through Halloweentown!

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