The most haunted places to visit this October in Brighton

Time to channel your inner ghostbuster


With it’s rich and gory history, Brighton is home to many ghosts and ghouls. Wondering where you’re most likely to spot one? We’ve compiled a list of all the best spooky spots so you and your mates can go ghost hunting this October.

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre, renamed ‘The Actors’

This bustling LGBTQ-friendly hotspot is surprisingly the home to a ghastly ghoul. During the Victorian era, this pub is where a grisly murder took place. Since then, there have been reports of strange sightings in the cellar stairway. Visitors have heard terrifying screams and have even seen a woman floating mid-air around the stage during performances. Due to the disturbing reports, six exorcisms have been recorded in the location; however, ghost sightings are still frequent. So swing by The Actors if you fancy some live music, a pint and a potential ghost sighting.

The bar manager told The Argus in 2018: “I think it’s a positive thing because it’s a place people feel comfortable in and be able to talk about things they don’t understand.

“The Marlborough is all about not making judgement and I feel like that extends to spirits. I think we’re a very ghost friendly pub.”

Saint Anne’s Wells

With Brighton being home too many early settlers, many places have been used as shrines for various types of worship, one of which is Saint Anne’s Wells. Rumour has it that paranormal sightings of children with animalistic eyes have been seen roaming the area at night. Some even believe the location is a Hellmouth, a gateway between the physical and spirit world.

Hangleton Road

This ordinary road is home to some very gory history. The area was once used for public executions. The victims were left on display for the public to see and also for the birds. An odd number of birds still flock to the road to this day. Scarier than the ravens and magpies, however, is the Hangman, seen in dirty clothes often with a noose in his hand. Maybe don’t take a shortcut down here after a night out x

Preston Manor 

Built back in 1738, this building is bound to have at least one ghost, right? This historic building is named the most haunted location in Brighton; some even claim it to be the most haunted place in England. The most commonly seen spirit in the manor is named The White Lady. Sightings of her go all the way back to the 16th century. Investigators believe The White Lady to be the woman whose remains were found at the rear of Preston Manor in 1897. She may have been an unfairly excommunicated nun, now restless after being buried in unconsecrated ground. This is not the only reported spirit.  There have been reports of ghostly men fighting, evil presences felt in the SouthWest of The Manor and sightings of floating heads. It’s safe to say that Preston Manor is a paranormal gem!

Preston Manor offer Twilight Tours and ghost tours for visitors. You can find out more here.

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