Sussex Students’ Union spends £800 on ‘Anti-TEF’ fairground

Gold, silver, and bronze medals are given to students which give them a disadvantage at each game

Unfair-Ground… Anyone else bored of the SU’s NSS campaigning?

£800 for a ‘unfair-ground’ against tuition fees? Bit rich…

Donuts at The Green Door Store is no more

After five years at the Green Door Store, Donuts has been given a few days notice to leave the venue

Another summer ball replacement is coming to Northfield

In true Sussex spirit our ball gets cancelled but we party anyway

Student shopping night to hit Churchill square

Bag yourself some exclusive hefty discounts

Students to host their own alternative Summer Ball and you’re invited

‘We just thought, we could do it ourselves’

Pakistani fashion show to be held at Sussex

A Saturday evening, the Pakistani way

B&H Buses announce fare rises

Several student prices will be affected

The ‘Best Science Photos of the Year’ are all basically alien life forms

They look like nothing you’ve ever seen before

‘Doggy De-stress’ sessions return to Sussex

The pawfect solution to deadline blues

Let’s not forget, Sussex is still a sick university and here is why

There’s more to us than Varsity brawls and detestable alumni

Catching up with Pizza Station, your new favourite pizza joint

A quality pizza service directly opposite campus — what’s not to like?

The University wants to hear your thoughts on buses

This is your chance to speak up

The nostalgia of clubbing in Bournemouth freshly legal

Turning 18 means you’re ready to take on the world – and the dodgy clubs of Bournemouth.

Problems only glasses-wearers will understand

A pain in my glass

An ode to Shuffle bar, the best cocktail place in Brighton

Why not sit back and enjoy the subtle rivalry between the Alex Turner wannabes and the Beyonce beehive as they silently battle for song control?

Everything happening in Brighton this April

Your ultimate guide to what egg-citing events are occurring this month

Sussex Vice-Chancellor, Adam Tickell, to perform charity DJ set at Shooshh

The club confirmed the booking several days ago

Energetic and moving: SMuTS presents West Side Story

The performance will be running until Saturday