Sussex professor estimates 14,000 students currently have COVID at UK universities

And 9,000 are asymptomatic

A new walk-through coronavirus testing centre has opened in Brighton

The site was constructed with just 48 hours notice

An armed police unit has advanced towards a house in Coldean

It was reported an armed police unit and police dogs waited outside the house

Your guide to Sussex’s Virtual Freshers’ Week

Grab your laptops, its time for the booziest week of your life, from the comfort of your bedroom

Back in business: Chalk is reopening and the excitement is too much

The nightclub will be hosting socially distanced events including a pub quiz and live music

The University of Sussex bans all guests in student on-campus accommodation

The new rule comes just before move-in day

Sussex uni releases ‘new Community Pledge’ to students

This comes as students and university staff prepare for the Autumn term

BREAKING: Sussex University is not providing its students with coronavirus tests

Students will be expected to book their tests via the NHS

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