The Brighton Centre will open its doors to rough sleepers this weekend

A room in the conference centre will be able to shelter up to 30 homeless people

The Gym on London Road is closing for ten days

It closes at 8am tomorrow

Queues spill on to the street as Oliver’s Brighton has its grand opening

Oliver cut the ribbon this morning

We got an exclusive look at Brighton’s new Wizarding shop

Brighton’s answer to Diagon Alley

There’s a Hackathon taking place right here on campus this weekend

Do you have an app, website or or creative project idea and want five free meals?

Sussex scientists have discovered how to levitate food straight into your mouth.

Wingardium Leviosa

Old Steine cordoned off due to a fire in a bar

Eyewitnesses reported smoke billowing out of the building

Attention islanders: a Love Island quiz is coming to East Slope

Think you know your dick sand from your waste cadets?

Taco Bell is coming to Brighton

Apparently there are already 18 stores in the UK

Breaking: Sussex Police make two arrests in connection with racist attack

A 16 and 17 year old boy have been arrested on suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm with intent

Creepy ‘IT’ balloons have been appearing around campus and Brighton

A terrifying start to Friday the 13th

Love beer? Sussex Students’ Union are hosting a brewery tour in Lewes

Imagine Willy Wonka, but with beer

You could represent Sussex on University Challenge

Let’s have an answer, please

Caroline Lucas is coming to campus this Friday

The Queen of Green is switching on 3,000 solar panels

Here’s everything we know so far about Corbyn’s secret visit to Sussex

Who were the lucky students who met him?

Jeremy Corbyn was in the Sussex Uni Jubilee Building this afternoon

He was quite sly with it

Sussex beats Brighton by 85 places in The Times Good University Guide

Sussex ranked third in the South East

Gemma Collins is coming to Brighton

Queen Gemma is hitting up Revenge

New 28-day student saver ticket now available on Brighton and Hove Buses

You will only be able to purchase this on the B&H Bus app