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Sussex continues to face online backlash for BLM statements, despite making two more

Students have expressed anger and disappointment over the university’s response to BLM.

Brighton has been named as one of the most community-spirited cities in the UK

Communities all over Brighton are pulling together during this difficult time

East Street stabbing has become attempted murder enquiry

The police investigating the assault have arrested two men for attempted murder.

University of Sussex release options for study abroad students

Students may now have the option to study abroad after their final year.

‘Take the knee’: Brighton council stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors

“Now is the time to end the severe class and racial inequalities which exist across the world”

Open letter to Adam Tickell addressing racial inequality

It has received over 500 signatures already.

Cows have surrounded the Jubilee Building at Sussex

Y’all better mind them seagulls now

Sussex Saxons have started a fundraiser for the #blacklivesmatter movement

And in just 24 hours it has already done so well.