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Company who owns Pryzm has been sold for £10 million and yes, it includes Brighton’s club

Can you hear our hearts breaking?

Sussex Uni announces rent reductions for students unable to return to campus

As the University work though the details, payments due on Tuesday won’t be collected

Sussex VC’s email states the university has decided to ‘develop a no detriment policy’

Tickell reassured students the university will ‘be doing everything we can’ to help ease the disruption of the pandemic

Only students studying Medicine, Teaching or Social Work will be allowed back on campus

Students who live locally to Sussex are also allowed back to university next week

Hove seafront’s igloo village is closing and you can buy one of the igloos

brb just hiding in my igloo

Brighton and Hove set to move into Tier 4 on Boxing Day

The city has jumped from Tier 2 to Tier 4

Sussex Uni senior management pictured gathering without face masks

They also appeared to not be socially distancing

Sussex students expected to have two coronavirus tests before returning to university

The testing period is expected to last for six weeks to help maximise flexibility