Your comprehensive guide to student house hunting in Brighton

It’s that time of year again

We’re near the end of first term and there’s already one thing on most peoples minds. ‘Where am I gonna live next year?’. Whether this is your first time hunting for a uni house or if you’ve done it before, we’ve created a guide so that your search is a little less stressful. Here are all the things to keep in mind when searching for a uni house.

Location is everything

Want to be close to the big Aldi? Need to be close to a train station?Researching locations is a great place to start when hunting for a house, and its important to remember that each areas has its pros and cons. Round Hill, Elm Grove and Hanover are student central, places like Lewes Road and London Road are two of the most popular roads in Brighton.

Close to the big supermarkets and home to many other students, its clear to see why these locations are so popular. You’ll also find a pub on (almost) every street.

If you want to be in the centre of everything, Central Brighton and Kemptown could be the perfect area for you. Close to the Lanes and the seafront, this area has great transport links with Brighton train station and several bus stops at your front door. However all this comes at a price as it’s one of the most expensive areas in Brighton. Is the constant sound of traffic worth the short commute to the shops? Tough decision to make.

Mouselcoombe and Coldean are perfect for those who want to live a little further out of the city. In comparison to other areas, the houses here usually have a lot more space and are the closest to uni. Perfect for those who want to roll out of bed and be in a lecture in less than 10 minutes.

Research letting agents

Choosing the right letting agent is just as important as choosing the right house. Before making any commitments, research all the potential letting agents that you may use. Make sure to google the company and read any of their latest reviews. Because I guarantee the outdated reviews written in 2009, do not reflect the current state of the company. Ask older friends who have had positive experiences with their letting agents and steer towards them. There’s nothing worse than picking an agent who have no interest in helping the students that are living in their houses.

Pictures can and will be deceiving

At least 7/10 uni houses do not look the same in person as they do online. Letting agents will never include pictures of mouldy walls or broken household items when advertising their houses to uni students. This is why in person viewings are super important. That being said, don’t be put off by the messiness of the house when viewing, I can guarantee the current tenants feel just as awkward as you do being in their personal space. There’s nothing worse than having a group of freshers in your room at 10am complaining about how messy the house is.

Choose your housemates wisely

University can be stressful enough without having to live with hellish housemates. If there’s one piece of advice to take away from this article its this, choose your housemates wisely. You’ll be living with them for the most part of a year and there is nothing worse than living with people you don’t like. Don’t feel pressured to sign a contract with a bunch of people you barely know just because it’s convenient. There is nothing worse than living in a uni house with a frosty atmosphere and housemates who don’t speak to each other, so choose carefully.


Discuss your budget

Talking about your rent budget can be an awkward subject but it doesn’t need to be. According to Sturents, student accommodation in Brighton starts from £95 to £420 per person per week. Choosing housemates who have the same budget as you will make the house hunt and life a lot easier. You’ll be able to book house viewings based on your desired budget rather than viewing different houses with completely different rent prices.

Houses with bills included are a lot less hassle than those which aren’t, although that doesn’t necessarily mean its the cheaper option. There’s also other costs to think about like paying for a TV license or on the other hand, learning how to dodge the TV license people who threaten to show up at your door.

Someone will get the smallest room

It is inevitable that someone will end up with the box room. Many choose to embrace it or complain about it at any given opportunity. The fairest way to decide who gets each room is to pick a name out of a cup and delegate from there. On the other hand, you could also spend the next few months arguing about it until you move in. Whatever works x

Whether you have your next year house sorted or haven’t even given it a thought, good luck.

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