Bernie Sanders to give talk in Brighton

Are you ready to feel the Bern?

Ex-2016 US Democratic presidential candidate and current US Senator Bernie Sanders is set to come to Brighton this summer. Sanders will be speaking at a special event as part of this year’s Brighton Festival.

The event will take place at Brighton Dome at 8:30pm on Thursday June 1st. Tickets are £15 and can be purchased here from May 3rd onwards. Senator Sanders will be taking pre-submitted questions for the event as well, which should be sent to [email protected].

The talk will explore Sanders’ journey from political activist to public servant, as well as offer the Senator’s unique insight into the 2016 US presidential race. During his campaign, he became an icon for democratic socialism in America, acting as the voice for millions of disenfranchised citizens. In his talk, Sanders will discuss his new book, Our Revolution, where he outlines his ideas for continuing the revolution his campaign ignited, fighting for a progressive political agenda to protect social, environmental and economic justice.