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Students vote 94 per cent in favour of cheaper prices in Co-op in SU referendum

Who the hell are the other 6 per cent?

The results are in for the Students' Union's autumn term referenda and they do not disappoint. This week, Sussex students were asked to cast their vote for or against the campus Co-op prices to be more student friendly, as well as whether they would like to have a cheaper and easier policy on travelling to campus.

When asked if they'd like campus Co-op prices to be more student friendly, a total of 1,419 voters clicked yes, with just 86 voting no. This means that the Students' Union will be lobbying both the university and the Southern Co-operative to make prices more student friendly.

The result for a cheaper and easier travel policy was also a success, with 96 per cent of participating students voting yes, a total of 1,415 people. Therefore, the Students' Union will be adopting the Cheaper and Easier travel to campus policy, hopefully in the nearby future.

Overall it seems there's hope for your poor student wallet. Here's to extra drinking money for everyone.