Screw Valentine’s, I took myself on a date

Baby you should go and love yourself

Ah, Valentine’s. The day for couples to express their love of each other through cute meals out and fluffy pink crap and for singles to watch Bridget Jones, crying into their Ben and Jerry’s or protest their lack of needing a partner by going out and getting royally smashed on a girls’ night out. I’ve had enough of this ‘oh woe is the single me’ attitude and decided to get all dolled up and take myself on a date this loving season. Here’s how my evening went:


Normally, you’d have to pick your meal carefully. Nothing messy- no spaghetti or burgers, or breath endangering garlic bread. Yet with only myself to please, I chose a stacked burger with grilled halloumi and red pepper; not to mention the sweet potato fries. I listened to the ambient music, had a scroll on Instagram, and read a bit of a book. Conversation ran a little dry, but I felt so familiar with my date that silence was comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about being the only one to want a dessert, nor was there any awkward back and forth with paying the bill. Overall, a delightful dinner with great company.

The Movie

Next up, a trip to the cinema. There was no ‘you choose, no you choose’ debate, or a resistance for a soppy film. I could focus on the film without any awkward hand holding or sly arms behind the shoulder. Plus popcorn to myself, who wouldn’t want that?


Happy hour still stands when you’re going solo, and what a happy hour it was. With a Sex On The Beach and a Cosmo, I drank at my own pace and had a chat to the friendly bar staff. I did receive some pitying looks from few other bar goers, most likely assuming I’d been stood up. But I gave them a reassuring smile to show I was enjoying my alone time, and left one of them very confused after asking them to take this photo.

A cuddle by the beach

Sometimes you need to give yourself some love.


Full of food and delicious cocktails, it was back to my place. I kicked off my shoes, wiped off my makeup, and dove into my comfy bed. Without a partner taking up any room, I could starfish, sleep talk, and snore to my heart’s content.

The morning after

Flowers? On my doorstep? Who could these be from?  It’s the little things that show people you care.

All in all, it was a great night

It’s easy to forget to have some time to yourself. University is a great time to be social, and even being single, you can forget to put yourself first.  Getting ready is equally fun when you only have yourself to impress, and it’s great having complete choice of where you go and what you do. Jokes aside, everyone should make sure to give themselves a little love and appreciation. I recommend all to have a little ‘me’ time now and again (get your head out of the gutter).