Fright Fest 2017 has been cancelled

Site issues mean there’s nowhere for the event to take place

Fright Fest, which is usually held at Brighton Racecourse, is currently experiencing external site issues meaning the show is unable to go ahead in it's current location. The independent company have been desperately searching for an alternative location but, unfortunately, have found no other alternative.

The event has already sold thousands of tickets and was set to sell out for the third year in a row. Headliners included Pendulum, J Hus and Solardo.

People who have purchased the thousands of tickets will be entitled to a refund of the face value of their tickets. The refunds will be automatically processed and put back into people's bank accounts within 14 days. Fright Fest have asked that ticket holders allow this amount of time for their money to be refunded as they will be dealing with a huge volume of refunds.

The event released an official statement on their Facebook event page on Saturday stating: 'It is with a heavy heart and regret, that we have to announce that this years Fright Festival will not be going ahead on Saturday 28th October 2017. Through no fault of Fright Festival, external site issues have forced our hand meaning it is impossible for the show to occur in its current location.'

The company are 'truly devastated at the horrendous news' and have hinted that they will be back in future years.