Beth Doherty
Features Editor of The Sussex Tab

We found Brighton’s new hidden cocktail bar

The exclusive bar is hidden behind a secret bookcase

‘We’re a pro-conservative group and not ashamedly so’: We spoke to Joel Chilaka, Sussex Uni’s Turning Point Influencer

We talked professor watch-lists, political correctness and whether the left can meme

‘I’ve always been around the oddball, quirky, side of things’: We spoke to Brighton beauty YouTube creator, Heather Moorhouse

We talked politics, seagull style and how to get those all-important followers

Sussex student radio URF are holding a 24-hour charity broadcast

The show will run for 24 hours and is packed with features, DJ sets and acoustic sessions

The best places in Brighton to go on a first date

Love is in the air

Fatboy Slim is doing a meet and greet in the Pavilion right now

Right here, right now

I left the club to get a Subway, but ended up spending £1,100 in a strip club

‘My neck and ears were covered in bites’

Teenagers arrested following stabbing at The Level, Brighton

Two people were hospitalised as a result of wounds caused by a knife

The Ultimate University of Sussex Survival Guide

Your one-stop guide to everything Sussex

Here are the best pics from Sussex’s graduation to make you forget about your 2:2

Living my grad life

Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask someone who works for a sex toy company

One customer said their dog ate their dildo

Why do cruel Love Island producers only play on female insecurity?

Girls are emotionally unstable and boys are banterous, cheating scumbags! Shock!

This is what the old Love Island villa looked like from seasons one and two

What a throwback

Wait? Did Jack actually leave the Love Island villa last night?

Is there still hope for Jani?

£8000 in cash, football tickets and flights: These are the universities giving away free stuff to new students

Kent Uni I’m coming for ya

We spoke to the people who had an East Slope reunion 11 years after leaving

“We used to drink snakebites in our pyjamas with joints tucked behind our ears at East Slope bar. I’m sure many still do.”

East Slope Bar are selling farewell t-shirts and other goodbye merch

Here’s how to get your hands on one

Sussex Uni are covering all costs to repair the York House break-in damage

The flat was trashed two weeks ago

Police investigating after York House broken into and trashed

The intruders sprayed ketchup, mayo, and alcohol all over kitchens and stole Ray Bans from bedrooms

TOWIE is coming to Brighton and they are looking for extras

Don’t be jel, be reem