Making a Murderer attorneys to visit Sussex uni in special talk

The exclusive event is open for only Sussex students for £10

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, the attorneys responsible for defending Steven Avery in the popular Netflix series “Making a Murderer” will be delivering an exclusive talk in Fulton B Lecture Theatre on Monday 30th January 2017, at 4pm-6pm.

Making a Murderer is a Netflix original series that documents how Steven Avery, who was released from jail after being wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years was shortly arrested for a new crime; the new crime being the murder of photographer, Teresa Halbach.

The series was shot over a 10 year period and largely focuses on the defence and perspectives of the Avery family. The show was praised for challenging the legitimacy of the American justice system.

Jerry Buting (pictured right), who defended Avery in his murder trial along with Dean Strang (pictured left).

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting are two of the main protagonists in the series, working to prove that Avery was framed for the murder of Teresa Halbach. As one of the most controversial cases in recent years, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting will be discussing with students the sensitive topic of criminal justice and its often unheard inequalities throughout U.S courtrooms.

The ‘conversation’ will involve moderated discussion of the Steven Avery case along with its broader implications and comments on the systematic failures of the criminal justice system. The talk lasts for roughly an hour and a half and tickets are available to purchase now.

With a second series of Making a Murderer already in production, this is a good opportunity to see how the case has developed since the first series and much more before the new series hits Netflix.

The discussion is open exclusively to Sussex students, at a very special rate of £10. Tickets are limited to one per person, and valid student ID will be required to guarantee entry on the day. 

Doors will open at 4pm, ready for a 4:30pm start time. Entry cannot be guaranteed once the show has started, so please arrive on time to avoid disappointment. 

Tickets can be found here