‘Boris Bikes’ are coming to Brighton this summer

Our favourite two-wheelers are on the way

It seems as though transport in Brighton is having a complete makeover. Firstly, Uber arrived in Brighton to transform getting home after a night out, now we have Boris Bikes to revolutionise how we can get around town.

The service will arrive in the summer, with the seafront and station suggested to become  the ‘hubs’ for collecting bikes.

The scheme will also be heading out to the university campus at Falmer (how convenient). The scheme aims to bring 430 bikes to 60 docking stations around the Brighton & Hove area.

The prices for hiring the bikes start at two pounds and go up to eight pounds for a day’s use. You will have the option to pay per minute you use the bike for at three pence per minute (with a minimum spend of two pounds).

You will also be able to purchase an annual membership for which allows for 30 minutes of free use every day, costing £72. The council have stated that “the aim is to provide an easy, healthy way to get around the city for residents, visitors and commuters.”

Hourbike are the company that put in the successful bid to bring the affectionately named bikes to Brighton, aiming to have the scheme up and running by June 2017.

Managing director Tim Caswell said: “We’re thrilled to have been selected to deliver a new bike sharing scheme for Brighton & Hove.

“We know the number of people travelling around the city by bike is increasing so we’re looking forward to helping build on this with an additional cost-effective travel option”.

Hourbike have already successfully introduced schemes to Reading, Oxford and Liverpool.