Anti-Nazi stickers have now appeared on campus

They read “Nazis not welcome”

Stickers depicting ‘Nazi imagery’ appeared in Falmer House last week, which were swiftly removed and reported as a ‘hate incident‘ by the Students’ Union.

What can be considered as a response to this news, anti-Nazi stickers have now been posted around Falmer House near the same location of the original stickers.

The stickers, which read “Nazis not welcome” were found near the Union Shop and near the outside stairs leading to the communications office.

The original ‘Nazi’ stickers, which depict images saying ‘right wing death squad’ and ‘guard the sacred flame’ were found on campus in Fulton and Jubilee, as well as Falmer House. Two of the stickers feature a logo (the lightning bolt) similar to the British Union of Fascists.

The stickers link back to popular image sharing forum, 4chan on the ‘politically incorrect’ thread.

Alex Fulton, Head of Communications for Sussex University, commented: “Sussex Police have been made aware of a small number of stickers found this week on external walls and notice boards at Falmer House. These stickers were removed immediately.

“As a truly international institution, we encourage all members and visitors to our campus and community to express opinions, freely, within the law, and to enjoy open access to information.

“However, we must balance this commitment to freedom of speech with our commitment to equality and diversity, which is central to the ethos of our community.

“We will act appropriately in any circumstances where there is evidence that a group or individual is likely to incite violence or cause a breach of the peace, or is likely to transgress the bounds of lawful free speech or assembly.”

She continued: “As an institution we participate in Brighton and Hove’s One Voice partnership and we supported a statement this week from One Voice, which declared: ‘We will continue to support and stand for human rights and are committed to ensure that all residents in our city are treated equally with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual identity.’

 “Similarly, we will continue to do all that we can to ensure that all students and staff on campus are treated equally with respect and dignity. It is the diversity of our students and staff that makes Sussex such a vibrant place.”

This Wednesday, Sussex University will be marking Holocaust Memorial Day. Sussex Students’ Union added: “Incidents like this show the need to remain vigilant and oppose anti-Semitism and discrimination.”

The university were approached for a commenting regarding the anti-Nazi stickers, but had no additional comments.