Want to get away? Jailbreak comes to Sussex University

The infamous event has students raising money for charity and attempting to get as far away from the university as possible

From time to time, we’ve all thought that we should jump on a plane and see where it takes us. An escape from our educational prison constantly lingers in our heads.

Now, you can, and for a good cause. Sussex RAG (raising and giving) society have announced they will be hosting Sussex’s first ever jailbreak in February and want you to be involved. But how does it all work?

Participants are encouraged to make a team of two or three people and to raise money for the jailbreak event on February 17. Teams will have 36 hours to get as far as they can without spending a single penny so you will have to rely on the charity of complete strangers in order to succeed.

Participants from other universities have gone as far as Singapore and some have even made it into Brazil.

How some teams have gotten on during their jailbreak

All your planning has to be done in those 36 hours meaning that you can’t just set up and call in favours two months before the event. Plus, where is the fun in that?

Teams are told that they will have to raise a minimum of £50 for one of the three RAG charities. They are: Turn 2 us, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, and The Alzheimers society.

Teams will have to pay £20 to get involved which will pay for a RAG jailbreak T-shirt and will help with the cost of the tracking system to keep you guys safe.

Prizes will be available for those taking part and they will be awarded for:

· Who gets the furthest

· Best Dressed

· Most fundraised

· Most countries visited

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of Sussex RAG is hosting an information evening tomorrow (Monday 13) at 6 pm in Fulton 212.