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A woman has fallen off Brighton Palace Pier this evening

The coastguard and police were called to her rescue.

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Caroline Lucas came to The University of Sussex

The MP for Brighton Pavilion spoke to students about Brexit, local issues and the upcoming election.

A Love letter to: Concorde 2

Home of the best boogie in Brighton

Sussex University received ‘opioid money’ from Purdue Pharma owners

The university received up to £1.4m towards neurological and psychiatric research in 2018.

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Who wants to spend £70 on Shakespeare, anyway?

The 2019 Sussex Festival headliner has been announced

Setting sail this September

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A place to seek refuge from The Arch or Concorde 2

Four injured in Brighton pier fairground ride accident

Part of the ride came loose and hit someone

The official Sussex urban dictionary

Sorry, what’s a Pav Tav?

Sussex University is closing its Pharmacy course

It is claimed the course is no longer ‘financially viable’

Everything that’s happening in Brighton this December

Here’s your complete guide to all the Chri-smashing things happening this month

The eight essential apps that every student in Brighton needs

These apps will save your life

Brighton and Hove Buses accepting contactless payments

Pay for journeys on B&H Buses by using contactless phones and cards

The best places in Brighton to go on a first date

Love is in the air

The Brighton Pavilion ice rink is back

Hop on your skates

Your guide to a non-boozy Halloween in Brighton

This is a perfect list of everyhting you can do during halloween without writing off the next day.

Unsolved: Here are three Brighton murder mysteries that remain unresolved

The dark side of our town

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Messy freshers are the best freshers

Nine things every American in Britain is tired of hearing

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