We played the Sussex lecture drinking game and you should too

Brighten up a boring lecture today

Lectures. We chose to do them but god, can they be boring? Waltzing in at 9:05 AM to sit next to an equally miserable and hungover person begs the question ‘Why didn’t I just stay in bed?’.

We’ve tried it all, coffee, paracetamol, a fat breakfast, and still you’re feeling like your head is going to split open. Worry not, we came up with another solution…

Why not just keep drinking?

Which is exactly what we did, armed with some tinnys from Co-op and a few discrete coffee cups, we went into whatever lecture theatre we could find to see if it would liven up the proceedings.

Jubilee lecture theatre was our quarry. The topic? We still have no idea, there were numbers and equations involved that made no sense to us. As we sat in the back of the hall, Fosters well and truly cracked and poured into our coffee cups, we played our lecture drinking game.

Here are the rules:

When the lecturer quotes/mentions someone really famous but no one has ever heard of them  – drink 

When they read something out word for word on the slide – drink  

When the slideshow fucks up someway or another – drink  

Talks about how great Sussex is/isn’t to study at or mentions how good the faculty is – drink  

A student answers a question posed to the rest of the hall twice in a row – drink  

You Spy someone in front of you on Facebook – drink  

If it kinda looks like the lecturer was at Falmer Bar last night and looks a bit rough – drink  

If the lecturer SOMEHOW relates the subject to politics in any way(bad luck humanities students) – drink  

Mentions Brexit – down your drink  

When someone sniffs or coughs – drink  

Talks about office hours – drink  

The game started innocently enough, a welcome back to the students with office hours in tow. Drink. The lecturer cracked several awful jokes. Drink. And after all this, decides to chat about a famous person for five minutes. Drink.

The lecture was insanely boring, even if we had any idea what they were talking about many students looked glum. If only they had heard about our game and could play along.

The hour-long lecture flew by, and we felt a little tipsy afterwards. Who knew that lecturers love cracking shit jokes? Once we packed up, we already were eagerly looking for another lecture theatre to play our game. Imagine what we could learn if we spent all day playing this game.