Megan Gurr

Megan Gurr
Sussex University


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Sussex student creates fidget spinner which tells lecturers when students are bored

Putting a new spin on the fidget spinner

A bubble festival is coming to Brighton

They’re raising awareness of bullying and violence in schools

Sussex University is now a Fossil Free institution

We are now investing in sustainable low-carbon assets and renewable energy

Britney Spears is headlining Brighton Pride 2018

It’s Britney, bitch

People are calling for a vote of no confidence in the SU President after Jacob Rees-Mogg photo controversy

She’s been accused of ‘fraternising with extremists’

Everything happening in the ACCA this December

Your ultimate guide to the contemporary arts hub of Sussex

All Sussex students asked to take part in The Student Barometer

Every participant will have the chance to win top prizes

Entire library evacuated due to fire alarm

This was no drill

We had a session with a Brighton Tarot reader and it was so much better than we expected

We didn’t find out who we were going to marry

Places to go in Brighton to bond with your new flatmates and friends

Looking for something outside of PRYZM and Coalition?

Sussex’s Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ Edition

Sussex is back, back again, tell your friends

Gemma Collins is coming to Brighton

Queen Gemma is hitting up Revenge

What not to bring to University as a Fresher

An anti-checklist of the items you definitely will not need to bring to your first year at university.

The ultimate timeline of your freshers’ journey at Sussex

When, and at what point in first year, you realise things about being a student at the University of Sussex

Students couldn’t get through to Sussex clearing because of the weekly fire alarm and its routine evacuation

Perfect timing.

Brighton Trans and Non-Binary Conference returns for 2017

The conference is scheduled to run alongside Brighton Trans PRIDE.

Boundary Brighton is back for 2017

September seems so close, yet so far…

The University of Sussex Graduation Ball is taking place on June 3rd

Get your tickets now for this once-in-a-lifetime event

Vote: What’s the worst thing about Sussex?

Sussex has its flaws in the end.

VOTE: What’s the best thing about Sussex?

We all have a soft spot in the end.

Have you seen the new art project in Library Square?

Before you die, you’ll want to see this.

The best places to sort out your hangover on Sussex campus

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Poetry slams are not just for weirdos, and here is why

Imagine the US election debate but with a theme and more rhyme

Society Spotlight: Grabbing life by the (net)balls

Getting to know the people in the netball society

A real guide to living in the ‘posh’ Surrey town of Reigate

“You’re from Surrey?…But you don’t sound posh?”