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Katie Tobin
Sussex University


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Sussex University took eight months to deal with my domestic abuse complaint

For eight months I felt like I was fighting this huge battle all by myself

There’s going to be a drag graduation event in Brighton this summer

Sooooooo Brighton

Sussex SU shop is on fire

It has been confirmed that the fire started from a bin outside the shop.

Sussex are offering regular tea and talk sessions for better mental health

Tea, cake, and a safe place to share your feelings.

Choccywoccydoodah closes after 25 years

The beloved shop, hidden away in the Lanes, has now closed

Sussex SU election results announced

Amongst the officers, there were two successful re-elections

‘Don’t complain, make a change!’: The Sussex Tab talks to Ally Goldberg

Ally already has Presidential experience with as the founder and former President of DragSoc

Adam Tickell says ‘dramatic change’ is needed to tackle bullying on Sussex campus

This follows a report published last August suggesting bullying dynamics had ‘become endemic to the Sussex culture’

‘Please help me’: Sussex student writes mental health plea in girls’ toilets

The graffiti says that university is ‘stressful and unsupportive’

An honest review of: London Road

Aldi and loads of pubs – need I say more?

Student housing in Brighton: How to avoid being ripped off

Uni is stressful enough without having to worry about landlords

Sussex SU cause outrage after replacing activist art with university-branded banners

Removing part of Sussex’s unique history has been met with criticism

Someone has made a book of East Slope photos

Viva la East Slope

‘Spit or swallow’ beer mats put in Sussex freshers’ welcome boxes

The campaign has been branded as ‘sexual harassment’

Two stabbings on The Level this morning

The incident occurred right next to one of the most popular student areas in Brighton

David Attenborough is coming to Brighton this October

And yes, he’s actually coming this time.

The Brighton guide to being more eco-friendly

Going green

Sussex student to debut original play at Brighton Fringe Festival

The Tab Sussex chats to Sophie Pester

So, what actually happens in Sussex consent workshops?

They’re always happening on campus – but what ARE they and why do they matter?

Meet Nasr M, the SU presidential candidate who didn’t actually know he was running

Ignorance truly is bliss

Over forty protesters are occupying new East Slope construction site

“We will be halting construction for as long as it takes to force management to meet our demands. No capitulation!”

Sussex SU plans to launch student-run co-op

Student run, student led housing – no more landlords!

I’m a student, and this is why I’m happy to give up my hours for the sake of my tutors’ pensions

Four weeks of disruption for us is worth it for saving our lecturers’ futures.

Sussex begins to move deadlines as a response to the strikes

The strikes have already caused immense disruption to students

Sussex student who was bottled in October raises enough money for treatment

Yehsung Kim was maliciously bottled in the face back in October 2017 and suffered extreme dental damage, including a broken tooth.

Sussex’s least expensive on campus accommodation will be replaced by the most expensive – and you should be very, very angry

East Slope will be missed in more ways than one

You decide, who is Sussex’s most eligible bachelor?

Cast your vote for the most dashing dude at Sussex

An honest review of: Bevendean

Walking distance from town and uni? Yes please.

Study Direct crashes one minute before deadline submissions

And that kids, is why you don’t leave things till the last minute – literally.

Sussex University leaders met with the government at Parliament to discuss free speech

The discussion will be one of many inquiring the scope of free speech at universities

A man pretended to be a Sussex researcher to ask a female grad about her orgasms

The man claimed to be collecting data on attitudes towards nudity

Want to earn almost half a million? Here’s how many hours you’d have to work in Brighton businesses

Trust us, it’s way more than Michael Farthing

Sussex University have created a hallucination machine, so we went and tried it out

There is more happening at Sussex than meets the eye.

“I see at least one rat daily” -Your Sussex halls horror stories revealed

Ladybirds, rats and broken fire alarms, oh my!

Turns out Hove is actually quite cool

What is in Hove, actually?

We want to ask VC Tickell your questions

Time to ask Tickell the questions you’ve always wanted to

Which Halloween costume is your Sussex halls?

Northfield is obviously basic AF

Sussex student bottled in the face in racial attack on North Street

When asked why they threw the bottle, the attackers responded: ‘Because you are fucking Asian’

Sussex building names: Where did they come from?

What is the meaning behind these weird names?

Creepy ‘IT’ balloons have been appearing around campus and Brighton

A terrifying start to Friday the 13th

There’s a Snapchat hunt going on at Sussex right now

Grab your smart devices and get snapping

Jeremy Corbyn rallied a huge crowd at The Level yesterday

And you’d expect nothing less in Brighton

Fresher Diaries: Did you enjoy the wedding… I mean Tea Party at Stanmer House?

The Student Union certainly tea-livered a fantastic evening

Fresher Diaries: Sussex freshers rock the block at West Street

West Street was taken over

We spoke to one of the organisers behind this year’s ‘Free the Nipple’

The event that focuses on gender equality through equalising body parts

Free tickets to rival cheese festival for all those who attended ‘Cheese Fest UK’

It’s fair to say a few people were “cheesed off” by the significant lack of that golden goodness this weekend

First phase of Boundary Brighton line-up announced

What do you think of the line-up?

25 Students’ Unions have boycotted the NSS – here’s everything you need to know

What was once a useful tool now has an underlying threat

Meet Solomon Curtis, the 20-year-old Labour candidate from Sussex Uni

This will be the second time he has run for an MP position

Westminster attacker revealed to be former Sussex student

Khalid Masood attended Sussex between 1994-1997

Snowcats to come to Brighton this spring

Find them and help raise money for charity

Meet the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs: The vigilantes sabotaging animal hunts

Non-violent and direct action preventing the killing of animals for sport – meet Brighton’s unsung animal welfare heroes.

Youth Stop AIDS Speaker tour makes its final stop at Sussex University

The tour last year provided powerful accounts and experience of what living with HIV/AIDS is like.

Park Village is hell on campus

Park Village is so bad no one even talks about just how bad it is, that changes now

Why boycotting the NSS is our last chance to fight rising tuition fees

“Even Umbridge wouldn’t up the fees”

Society Spotlight: Take a journey with Travel Society

Here, there and everywhere; TravelSoc is the society that culture lovers of Sussex need to be part of.

These were the best signs at the National Demo

15,000 people attended the march in London

The ultimate Sussex would you rather quiz – Part 2

We’re back…

So… what actually is Lewes bonfire?

Lewes is the bonfire capital of the world – pyromaniacs unite.

Brighton or Bournemouth, which is better?

Which B-town is best?

Why am I paying £9,000 for a foundation year that I didn’t want to do?

It’s not a beneficial use of my time

28 per cent of Sussex students have witnessed sexual harassment

New measures are being implemented to encourage the safety of students