Summer Synergy proved that Sussex and Brighton is more than Varsity conflict

Students from all over came together to host a ‘alternative’ summer ball proving we can work with one another

As the smoke dissipates and heads get a bit clearer, last night’s event at the Synergy Centre is a stark reminder that students all around Brighton are not ‘enemies’ and that we are more than what the Varsity conflict painted us to be.

Both universities were tarred with a pretty negative Varsity brush last March. The result meant that the Students’ Unions decided to cancel the Summer Ball due to a sponsor backing out leading to budgeting issues. Students felt let down that the actions of a few… let’s call them idiots, meant that one of the biggest events for students was cancelled.

Many took to social media expressing their anger at this decision as many were not involved in the Varsity incidents. It was then, that students from both Brighton and Sussex decided to take control and work together to put on a decent event for the end of the year.

Whilst the planning has been rough and stressful due to the limited time they had, the group put together a party that brought in well over 600 people with the raving continuing into the bright hours of the morning.

The venue was filled nicely without being overbearing

Having attended, there was no division between ‘Brighton’ or ‘Sussex’ nor was there any rough behaviour. Those who attended only cared about enjoying themselves and not to cause trouble, something which was perhaps considered a issue for the Students’ Union ball.

The fact that the students involved put on such an amazing event for everyone else is a huge middle finger to anyone who suggests that Brighton and Sussex hate each other. Varsity is little more than a ancient cryptic feud that no one can quite explain; And yet, we all buy into it.

‘Summer Synergy’ was a significant win for Brighton students. Speaking to those who attended last night, some described it as being one of the ‘best nights’ they have had in Brighton.

One organiser commented:

“It is a shame that stringent licensing can take away such an inspiring venue”

Another also commented:

“The best things come from great teamwork ”

The majority of the revenue made at the event will be going to local homeless charities meaning that the true inspiration for hosting ‘Summer Synergy’ was not driven by money, but to bring everyone together to just have a good time.

I spy me skanking in the back…

However, ‘Summer Synergy’ acted as a final send off to the Synergy Centre. Whilst many who attended expressed that the place should be used more for gigs, the centre will no longer exist due to new commercial building.

The event was a massive hit and what a send off for the venue. It just goes to show that the best way for everyone to get along, is not sport, but to have a massive rave.

(Photos courtesy of DJ Francis