Brace yourself, Ed Miliband is hosting a pub quiz in Brighton next week

Yep, just in time for the Labour party conference

Whilst Corbyn may be front and center delivering a rousing speech to his followers, the former Labour leader, Ed Milliband, will be coming to Brighton on the September 26th on a different type of stage.

In collaboration with The World Transformed – a left wing festival being hosted across Brighton during the Labour party conference – Ed Miliband will be on stage at Komedia Brighton as pub quiz master for over 280 participants.

The event, aptly named 'Party Politics', begins at 8 pm with tickets available on the door and for those with The World Transformed tickets.

One excited Sussex student commented: 'Is he coming to Sussex? Hell yes he's coming to Sussex!'

Ed Miliband is not the only one of the more familar faces at The World Transformed festival, Russell Brand will also be in attendance on September 25th giving a talk with Labour MP Jon Ashworth discussing addiction and mental health.

If you want to check out the pub quiz, check out The World Transformed's website here.