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There’s a petition to save East Slope Bar

One last hope

We are all devastated by the knocking down of East Slope bar, but now someone has spoken up and created a petition to to save East Slope.

The petition argues that the bar has been the social hub of Sussex for nearly 40 years and knocking it down would be a dent in the historical significance of our campus. The bar holds a wealth of memories for students dating back years, having hosted names such as The Who and Fatboy Slim as well as student bands and societies; the bar has become a second home to most of us here at Sussex.

Noticeable building works, which shall cost up to £150 million, have already started for the new campus residences, with the bar and East Slope residences being scheduled to be torn down this June. This is so that people who are currently living in East Slope are not affected.

The petition itself is addressed to the University of Sussex, including our VC Adam Tickell in brackets too. However we are unsure if he has seen it yet.

People have questioned the necessity of knocking the bar down as well as the residences. Concerns have also been expressed addressing residence rent prices and that students shall not be able to afford the next cheapest accommodation; this currently being Park Houses. In response to this, the university made a statement on their website:

"We aim to provide a range of accommodation of a good standard that meets differing student expectations and budgets. We recognise the need to provide a range of accommodation at various price points to ensure affordability for all students."

If you would like to take part and sign the petition, you can do so here.