Uni of Sussex, we’ve made it onto the new Brighton and Hove Monopoly board

Brighton University didn’t make the cut

The new Brighton and Hove Monopoly board is officially for sale following its release last Friday, when Mr Monopoly himself came to town to unveil the new board.

This is the second edition of the Brighton and Hove edition which updates the 2003 version.

Prior to the board’s release, which was announced back in August, residents were asked by the producers, Winning Moves UK, for suggestions on what to include in the new board.

Natasha Rebuck from the company said: “We are totally open minded about what will feature in the game.”

The Royal Pavilion has retained it’s Mayfair spot from the 2003 edition, with the i360, Palace Pier, Sealife Centre, Brighton College and of course, Sussex University joining it around the board.

Beckie from Brighton Sea Life Centre said: “We think its great that we’re considered such a huge part of Brighton and we deserved to be featured.”

“Brighton is such a great city, we’re proud to be involved with it.”

It’s not just the board spots that have been given a Brighton spin as the classic old boot and dog playing pieces have been given a revamp with a seagull, deck chair, football, mini Pavilion and ice cream appearing among the pieces.

The producers have said that the Brightonised gaming pieces will “define and represent” the spirit of the town.

Grab your new board from WH Smiths or Waterstones in Churchill Square for £29.99 before they sell out.


Photo credit: Churchill Square