Donald Trump confuses Brighton resident for his daughter

In the president-elect’s latest blunder on twitter

Donald Trump, the controversial president-to-be has made the headlines again. The president-elect is no stranger to using social media to speak his mind leading to endless material for screenshots all from the businessman’s cogitation. This time, instead of what he says being highlighted it is rather who he says it to; with Trump confusing his daughter with a lady named Ivanka Majic, a resident from Brighton.

Trump was retweeting praise from Lawrence Goodstein, a Twitter user from Massachusetts who had mistakenly tagged @Ivanka instead of @IvankaTrump. This led to Trump tweeting about a woman from Brighton to his 20m followers.

The post has been retweeted 4,829 times (at the time of writing), favourited 25,156 times and had over 8,000 replies. Ivanka woke up to this morning with thousands of responses and messages on her notifications. Her followers alone have increased by 1,200 in the past 6 hours.

Ivanka Majic, who works for Brighton and Hove Digital, had the perfect response to Trump’s blunder;

With  there being 4 days before Trump is officially the President of The United States of America,  many further concerns about his usage of twitter have been raised. He has the option to start using the @POTUS (President of The United States) handle, or stick with his current @realDonaldTrump. However Trump’s personal account has no known extra security and is “shockingly insecure” according to a report by Buzzfeed News.

One thing does remain certain, this probably won’t be the last time his Twitter makes the news.