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According to Twitter, it’s Adam Tickell’s birthday today! Here are his best bits

Happy Birthday Bae

From tweets about trains delays to sunset Instagrams, Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell has stolen our hearts with his frequent social media posts. After a birthday tweet this morning, we learnt that today is our favourite's birthday, so we thought we'd celebrate by scrolling through social media to find his best moments and share them with the world.

Happy Birthday Boo

Strong selfie game

Always keeping two hands on the wheel

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We've made it guys

I'm not a regular Vice-Chancellor, I'm a cool Vice-Chancellor

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Keeping us updated on his swimming habits

Words fail us too, Adam

When Tickell met Jezza

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Tourist Tickell

It's a new life, foorrrr meeeeee

Poor Tickell


Tweeting his train complaints: a man after our own heart

If you didn't take a photo, did you even eat?

Bringing the Fatherly advice to social media

Oh Adam, don't remind us

If you want to see more of Adam's life, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.