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Prep those windpipes, you could win £1,000 by singing in a taxi

You know you want that green

Do you love to piss off your flat mates by singing – or screaming – at the top of your lungs? Do you like nothing more than to do your best impression of Whitney Housten's I Will Always Love You in the shower, because that's where the acoustics are just right? Swap the shower for a taxi and you could win some £1,000.

All you have to do is record yourself singing a song of your choice in a taxi and the money could be making it's way into your money-hungry student pockets.

Sussex Students' Union have created the competition in collaboration with two well known taxi companies; City Cabs and B&H Radio Cabs.

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Ooh la laaa

To enter the competition, record a video of yourself singing in one of the participating cabs. Then send it to [email protected] where your sparkling performance shall be saved and posted to the Sussex Students' Union Facebook page for all to feast their eyes upon.

The competition has been created in order to promote awareness of the Take Care Scheme. If you're on a night out and don't have the money to get home, you can mention the scheme when getting into a taxi from one of the two listed companies. You won't need to pay right then and there. You'll need to give the driver your name and student ID number, and can then pay the fare the following day at the Students' Union.

Sussex Students' Union President, Frida Gustafsson told us;

"We work with Student Taxis on our Take Care Taxi scheme which allows students to get home safely if they've run out of money.

"Student Taxis wanted to help us raise awareness of the scheme and offered a very generous prize of £1000 cash to the winners of their competition."

The post that receives the highest amount of combined likes and shares by December 1 will win, with £1,000 going to the champion. Both Sussex and BSMS students can enter.

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Warmin' up

Videos must be sent by in by November 27 with voting closing December 1 and the talented – now rich – winner being announced on December 4. The prize will then be with you in time for Christmas for all those presents you're going to buy for your loving family…or to maybe just pay off the debts you owe them?

As with any competition, there are a few ground rules. The rules are:

Make sure you record your masterpiece in a taxi from one of the two companies as they are the only two involved in the Take Care Scheme as well as the competition.

Take a picture of your driver's ID as proof that you were in one of the participating vehicles. The drivers will be aware of the competition, so don't be embarrased

Don't use any copyrighted songs.Facebook will more than likely remove the post.

Finally, stick to these rules. The SU reserve all rights to not post videos if they don't follow the guidelines so it is better to play it safe.

There is a maximum of three videos being posted each day, on a first come first served basis.

So, get practicing, singing, recording, sending, liking and sharing to get that money!