So, how many ‘small things’ can you buy with £8.2 million?

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell said the university spends £8 million on small things… But what are those small things?

The University released a statement on Friday showing their income and expenditure. What was interesting is that over £8 million is categorised as ‘other spending’ begging the question “what the hell is £8 million being spent on?”

When quizzed on Sussex University’s £8.2 million ‘other’ expenditure, Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell said it was spent on “lots of small things”. We investigated how many ‘small things’ you could buy with this kind of money.

How much printing does that cover?

Cost: Single sided, black and white A4 = 5p

164,000,000 Single sided, black and white A4

How many meal deals for students (Co-op)

Cost: £3.60 bagel meal deal, £3.25 sandwich meal deal

2,523,076 Co-op meal deals

2,277,777 Bagel meal deals

How many SKINT vodka mixers?

Cost: £1.70 single £2.70 doubles

4,823,529 Singles vodka mixers

3,037,037 Double vodka mixers

How many laundry loads?

Cost: £3 per load £1 dry

2,733,333 washes

2,050,000 Wash and dry

How many bus tickets?

Cost: £3 City saver (w/out night buses)

2,733,333.33 City saver tickets

Cost: £3.20 Network saver (w/ night buses)

2,562,500 Network saver tickets

As you can see, the university claims that £8.2 million is spent on ‘other’

How many cheese twists from SU?

Cost: £1.05 each

7,809,523.81 Cheese twists

How many cups of tea from Room 76?

Cost: £1.95 regular cup of tea

4,205,128.21 Cups of tea

How many Bubble Teas?

Cost: £3.45 regular Bubble Tea

2,376,811.59 Regular Bubble Teas

How many plates of nachos from Falmer?

Cost: £3.65 for one person, £5.65 for two people

2,246,575 Nachos for one

1,451,327.43 Nachos for two

How many years of tuition?

911 years or 303.66 three year degrees

How many Sussex hoodies?

Cost: £26 (any colour)

315,384 Hoodies

Parking on campus (but you can only park up to two hours, naughty)

Cost: £2.50 per hour

6,560,000 hours of parking (or 273333 days)

How many East Slope Mozzarella sticks?

Cost: £2.75 for 5 = 55p each

2,981,818 portions of 5 sticks

How many Wednesday Pryzm tickets?

Cost: £3 for sports, £4 for student, £5 for other

2,733,333 Sport tickets

2,050,000 Student tickets

1,640,000 Other tickets

How many pints of snakebite?

Cost: £2.85 per pint

2,877,192 pints