Rebecca Longhurst
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We went and had a look at the construction site for the new Sussex accommodation

How are things coming along?

Prices for new East Slope accommodation released

It is a lot more than the previous East Slope

Hallelujah! You can now bring hot drinks into the library at Sussex

Tea-smuggling is no longer necessary

Bar Humbug: the Santa hat Christmas bar crawl with Native

£2 pints and free entry to Club Revenge? Yes please

‘I don’t think we should ever ban anyone from speaking on campus’: Adam Tickell weighs in on campus censorship and students in hotels

He gave us flapjacks and brownies

According to Twitter, it’s Adam Tickell’s birthday today! Here are his best bits

Happy Birthday Bae

Caroline Lucas is coming to campus this Friday

The Queen of Green is switching on 3,000 solar panels

This is not a drill, there’s a Peep Show quiz happening at East Slope

Hey look, it’s cleanshirt

The Library will now be open 24 hours every day

All-nighters in the Library on a Friday? Yes please

The Sussex Summer Ball is CANCELLED

Varsity disruption results in Summer Ball cancellation

Here are the best dressed at Varsity

You guys went all out

What do other universities think of our Varsity?

Other universities dish the dirt on our Varsity

The i360 wasn’t as bad as I thought

It still looks vile, but it’s not all bad

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Laurence

‘I don’t want to die alone’

We spoke to Choccywoccydoodah, the UK’s craziest chocolatiers

‘I guess it’s kind of a Mecca for people who are a bit crazy like us’

There was a mushroom growing in the girl’s toilets at Guildford’s Casino

Casino have even released a statement about the fungi

What it’s like to busk to Brighton

‘It’s quite friendly, I’ve never had any confrontation with another busker.’

Meet Sammy Sarfas, the energetic frontman of the Casablancas band

Sammy has been at Casablancas for 13 years

Meet Josh Coombes, the guy cutting the hair of the homeless in London

‘It might not change their world but it might change how they feel on that day’

The i360 is rubbish and I’m not the only one who thinks it

If there’s one way to ruin the Brighton skyline, this is it

Remembering Guildford Spectrum: The greatest place in Surrey

If you didn’t have a birthday party there, did you even have a childhood?

House-hunting in Brighton is the worst part of the year

Why is there a Pringle tub in the toilet?