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Exclusive: Tom Harwood is running for NUS President against Malia Bouattia

Durham’s BNOC is making an even bigger name for himself

Shawn Mendes gets into Twitter fight with Durham student

Mendes fans are not happy

The six stages of your final year breakdown

So close, yet so far

Everything you expected to learn by your final year at Durham, but haven’t

People said you would find a husband, they lied.

Cuth’s finalists racially abused in Dixy Chicken

The man threatened the group and said he was carrying a knife.

Shouldn’t we ask why Durham has the highest number of sexual assaults?

A college support system, or a cocky society who think it’s acceptable

Leading lawyer warns male students never to have sex with drunk girls

Her comments came after a rape case was dropped against one of her clients

A sixth former turned her Oxford rejection letter into art

‘Sorry not to have better news’

Everything useful I know in life I learned from The Hills


Women’s darts team say they were refused entry to Wiff Waff ‘for not being men’

They had their names on the guestlist, but the boys had a special slot

Durham University used 14,500 animals in tests over the last three years

From rabbits to guinea pigs

There’s a place in hell for those who recall dissertation books

A really special place

Durham woman bet £183,000 on a Hillary Clinton victory

A very painful Wednesday morning

Durham student dressed as the tampon tweet boy for Halloween

Girls should hold their bladders instead duh

Champagne soc placed on probation after 2016 summer ball

Is this the worst news to ever hit Durham?

A Collingwood finalist is skipping uni and going to Miami to join the Clinton campaign

She’s canvassing up until election day

Durham’s intake of working class students is third worst in UK

Only Oxford and Cambridge beat us

Hatfield, safe spaces and tuition fees: Jeremy Vine on his time at Durham

“Don’t worry about your mistakes in life. The most successful people have failed a lot.”

Former DURFC captain named in England squad

Josh now plays for Sale Sharks

Durham ranks in top 100 universities in the world

Of course we have

Klute has been voted the best worst nightclub in the UK


Durham is the second most beautiful campus in the UK

Cambridge who?

Durham third year exits Great British Bake Off

Michael is toast

Durham graduate to compete in Rio Paralympics

Gemma graduated with a degree in Law from Cuth’s

The Tab Durham: Why you should write for us

We were the biggest student news publication in the world last term

DUCFS 2017 has landed: Meet the Exec

Don’t be late…

Alice Brine explains what is wrong with victim blaming in 200 words

She told us about her messages from grateful supporters, but she’s also received rape threats

Durham among first unis to announce fees exceeding £9000 limit

The higher fees are advertised at starting for 2017/18 entry

Meet the Durham grad turning your nudes into art

People send her naked selfies and she draws them

CONFIRMED: Durham Medical School WILL move to Newcastle

The earliest changes will take place at the start of 2017/18 entry

Search for missing Hatfield graduate suspended

Liam failed to return home on Wednesday

What being a Hollister ‘model’ teaches you

Yes, we know it’s dark in here

Durham votes to REMAIN in NUS

25% off at Pizza Express is still yours

Durham student to stand trial on three counts of rape

They are all said to involve the same person

Durham to hold solidarity gathering for Stanford assault survivor

The attacker was sentenced to just six months with probation

Emotionally cheating is as hurtful as sleeping with someone else

They can’t tell you ‘it meant nothing’

Mistake in third year Theology exam leaves students stressed over final grade

The exam instructions were wrong

Jamie Laing returns to Durham tomorrow night

It’s your only time to meet him this year

Body of missing Durham graduate discovered in Vancouver

Tom Billings disappeared two years ago

DU Lax and Rugby Fashion Show: Meet the Models

From the field to the catwalk

John’s fresher owes almost £100 library fine since Easter

What is she doing in the library?

I went on the pill to treat my acne and it almost killed me

Madison will be on blood thinning medication for the rest of her life

Durham Lip Sync Battle: Meet the Contestants

Like LL Cool J, but cooler

A Durham finalist just handed in her dissertation on the Kardashians

She loves Kourtney

The pill gave me a blood clot in my brain. I could have died

More and more young women are dying

Durham makes pitiful progress in intake of disadvantaged students

We improved 0.5% in 5 years

Exclusive: DSU reveals nightclub plans

Unbelievable news

Durham graduate stars on this month’s cover of Tatler

Tatler predict ‘she’s going to be huge’

Durham ranked 70th uni in the world

We rose 13 places

Hottest on the Hill: Aidan’s Fashion Show was smoking

They kept downing beers

Cosmic Chaos: Meet the Grey Models

They’re grey-at

‘Chav’ themed socials are a middle class disgrace

Stop attacking the working class

Scam targets Durham students with ‘grant promise’

It’s definitely too good to be true

Is Itchy Feet worth it? The most expensive night of the year returns

‘Great vibes and great people’

How northern is your uni?

Clearly there aren’t any pies in Exeter

‘We’re not Oxbridge’: Alice Dee reveals why she should be DSU Pres

‘I think I am a better candidate than Jade’

Heat on the Hill: Meet Aidan’s Models

Don’t be bitter because they’re better

A boys’ night out from a girl’s perspective

Can you not have a night off from FIFA?

It’s time to admit that being small is the best

We don’t get vertigo

Stormed: Apple Reseller Stormfront raided

The alarms are still going off

What actually is Classics?

Cogito ergo sum better than you

How much should you be spending on rent in your 20s

No wonder we’re broke

Proudlock returns to Studio on Saturday

Classier than Bluebird

I turned down Durham to make Eddie Redmayne’s slippers

His company ships to over 100 countries in five continents

Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Old Colonial burger is being called out as racist

It’s advertised as ‘too tasty to miss out on’

The Gates close their gates after ‘gas leak’ evacuation

Pray for Poundland

We’re not ‘incompetent and arrogant’: Icelandic Crossing boys speak out

Apparently half the facts in the press are wrong

‘Tis the season to respect retail workers

No, we don’t have any left in the back

On the frontlines of the Taiji dolphin protest

Stop the slaughter in the water

Clubbers of the week: Michaelmas finale

So bespoke

Sexy Santas and Little Bo Peep: Clubbers of the week

Bounce bounce c’mon bounce

What the £7,000 accommodation fees could buy you instead

Why are you in Trevs when you could be in Adelaide?

Electric Jungle Hild Bede: Meet the models

Everyone’s really fit

Awkward pulls and black tie in Klute: Clubbers of the week

I ain’t no hollaback girl

Get in line: Your reckless behaviour on Church Street is a danger to us all

There’s no excuse

Clubbers of the week

Why is there a pigeon in Loft?

Butler, Castle and Trevs sports banned by colleges from Shaheen’s Restaurant

Sports presidents were sent an ‘incredibly serious’ message

Street Style: The best (and worst) of Durham

The world is your catwalk

Where to take your date in Durham if you want them to break up with you

The Fighting Cocks is really romantic

Clubbers of the week: What deadlines?

Fergalicious, definition, make them boys go loco

Ballers, brawlers and wall to wallers: Clubbers of the week

Look how happy he is

Street style: The best dressed in Durham

Put the shorts and flip flops away

Clubbers of the week: Gospel Project special

If you didn’t go to Gospel, who even are you?

Meet the third year with 30,000 Instagram followers

He was chosen by Instagram for their feature page

Clubbers of the week: Wiff Waff by DU Fashion Show

Who said models can’t eat pizza?

How tragic was your first email address?

[email protected]

Now Durham police declare war on… Aldi Gin and Tonic crisps

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Durham’s big boobs on campus: ‘It’s for charity’

They dress up as a boob outside the SU

Clubbers of the week: Halloween special

There’s a lot of fake blood

The new emojis were made for life at Durham

There’s even a Wiff Waff emoji

Clubbers of the Week

Halloween’s come early

Patisserie Valerie is coming to Durham

Satisfy those Mille-feuille cravings

Meet the Instafamous third year who gets paid to go on holiday by ASOS

If you haven’t got a five figure following, who even are you?

I joined the Chess Club as a joke and now I’m their queen

Ain’t no party like a chess club party