There’s a place in hell for those who recall dissertation books

A really special place

As the end of term approaches, so does the pressure and for those unfortunate enough to be experiencing a dissertation it’s probably close to your first chapter deadline.

What more could you possibly need apart from other seemingly insignificant deadlines, an increasing overdraft and job applications for some soulless entity to then recall your most important books.

book wall

You need the physical copy of a book for a dissertation, there’s no messing around with PDFs in your final year. I need to underline, I need to post-it note the pages, I need the fucking book.

A whole third of my final year grade depends on these books, what’s even worse is that your incredibly niche book has probably been recalled by an eager fresher wanting to “read around the subject.” Read around the subject? Get in the sea.


It’s quite remarkable to think that so much of your mental and physical health depends on a 300 page book and I can guarantee there is no worse feeling for a finalist than receiving the “Your book has been recalled, please return it to the library” email. The stress of having to wait a further three weeks until you can get it back will take at least five years off your life.

The rage that follows overshadows the usual third year feeling of helplessness and panic. This is war and there will be blood.