Stormed: Apple Reseller Stormfront raided

The alarms are still going off

The Apple Premium Reseller ‘Stormfront’ was burgled early this morning.

The high-end tech store was left practically empty of Apple goods.

The thieves, however, did not make off with everything, as most of the cases and accessories were still there, as well as some iPhones, Macs, and Macbooks.

Clearly, the robbers have Spotify, as they also decided to leave the iTunes gift cards.


The left side of the front door appears to have been smashed open in a forced entry, with glass still scattered across the front of the shop.


The sign looks better with a Mac behind it

There were no police at the scene when The Tab arrived.

Police had previously cornered off the rear of the store, around the cash desk but staff at the scene were not available for comment.