Scam targets Durham students with ‘grant promise’

It’s definitely too good to be true

An email has been sent to undergraduate and postgraduate students  informing them the university ‘has been awarded funds by the government’.

The ‘Finance Department’ claims that all undergraduate and postgrad students qualify for the grant.

The sender appears to be “Durham University”, but upon further inspection the email appears as [email protected]12754844_963799337039058_540540316_o

The phoney email, entitled ‘Important University Grant Information’ reads:

“Dear Student,

“We are pleased to inform you that the university has been awarded funds for undergraduate study support by the government.

“All undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on a full time course are entitled to this grant. To ensure you receive your grant, you are required to submit your details via the web link below.

“Grant Information link [The Tab has removed the link]


“Please click on the link above or copy and paste it into your browser to submit your details.

“Once processed, you will be contacted via your registered address with the university.


“Finance Department”

Apart from not spelling “the Government” with a capital letter, the email reads much better than most scams.


Sent to “[email protected]”, the email gives the impression that it is more official than the usual “A rElative Of Yours Has Dies in a ReCent car aCCient” con.

The link in the email takes you to an official looking Durham University page and requires you to fill in all personal and bank details including National Insurance number and Drivers License number.

The link asks for all of the required information to make online purchases with your debit or credit card, including the security code on the back. These pricks clearly want to hit up ASOS with your student loan.

While most students won’t fall for the scam, some may be tricked into believing the financial support we lost last year has been reinstated. We live in hope.