Patisserie Valerie is coming to Durham

Satisfy those Mille-feuille cravings

Just as the excitement of Pret has settled amongst us, Patisserie Valerie has announced it’s opening in Durham’s city centre.

It will sit prettily in Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, satisfying those Mille-feuille cravings you’ve had since leaving Surrey.


The “haven for self-indulgence”, specialises in handmade cakes, teas and coffee. The opening will make a perfect addition to Durham’s buzzing café scene.

Despite no set opening date, staff recruitment is currently being advertised. They’re on the look out for part time front-of-house, and Christmas temporary positions at £6.73 an hour.

Second year Patisserie Valerie enthusiast Emily Harper told The Tab: “This is the best news I’ve heard all day, I can’t get enough of that crème pât.”