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Megan Dye
Glasgow University


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The psychological reasons behind why we cheat

‘Once a cheat, always a cheat’ actually has genetic reasoning

I skipped uni and now I travel the world making movies

One of Rupert’s films was screened at Cannes

BNOC of the Year 2016: Round four

We’ve got more BNOC’S for you

BNOC of the Year 2016: Round three

The third round is ridiculously competitive

We spoke to the owner of Fat Buddha about fashion in Glasgow

He thinks that Glasgow is definitely cooler than Edinburgh

BNOC of the Year nominees: Round Two

Let’s get ready for the second bunch of BNOCS

BNOC of the Year nominees: Round one

Your first batch of the biggest names in the West End

Nominations are open for Glasgow’s BNOC of the Year

It’s that time of year again

The library toilets are not working

All of the water supplies were shut off at one point too

Glasgow rises up in Complete University rankings

We’re the third best uni in Scotland

Partying with bare feet is always the best way

I am normally the first one to take my heels off

Stop judging me for snorting when I laugh

It literally just means I find you funny

I live in the West End, but I’m not a West End Wanker.

I don’t even own a choker.

Spotify Soundclash race is heating up

Ultimate Frisbee are coming in second

GUCFS raised £10,129 for Teenage Cancer Trust

The figure was released today

Male lecturers at the University of Glasgow are paid over £9,000 more than females

UCU released the stats for International Women’s Day

Second year has his MacBook stolen from the library

He left to go have his lunch

GUCFS Unleashed was an absolute success

Strut, strut, strut

Lady Gaga’s anthem for sexual assault victims deserved an Oscar

‘Till it Happens to You’ speaks for the unspoken masses

QUIZ: How well do you know Scotland?

This is actually really hard

Growing up in Ipswich is severely underrated

Ed Sheeran was a teen here

Fittest Finalist #8: Lauren Gott

This girl is a future pilot

Fittest finalist #7: Mo McTiernan

She is on the committee of GUCFS

Everything that will happen to you on a Viper Wednesday

Because this is arguably the best night of Viper in the week

Fittest finalist #6: Sara Motaghian

She’s genuinely a model

Fittest finalist #5: Julia Wilson

She’s a cheerleader

Glasgow’s fittest finalist #3: Lucy McCran

This former disco dancer loves a good Juicy Tuesday.

Fittest finalist #2: Rebecca Blair

She’s practically Elsa from Frozen

Revealed: The most ethnically diverse unis

London unis fared better

Are you Glasgow’s fittest finalist?

Nominations are open

Best dressed at the GUSA ball

Swapping the hockey sticks for ball gowns

Why Glasgow is better than Edinburgh

We’re the Hogwarts of Scotland

Student receives Glasgow semester dates four years after receiving offer

He got the offer in 2012

Glasgow Uni Marrow are doing a #Match4Lara drive on Wednesday

It’s at the QM

The man who thinks rape should be legal is coming to Glasgow

Protests have already been organised

GUCFS Bungee jump takes place this Sunday

It’s raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust

Glasgow’s WiFi is down after cyber attack

Good luck revising today

Clubbers of the Week

Brows on fleek

We met the president of GUCFS

She’s really lovely

Clubbers of the week

Revision ain’t stopping us

We should be supporting GUCFS, not slamming it

Last year was the first time they did the show

Every annoying person you’ll have in your Glasgow lectures this year

Why can’t you stop coughing?

What it’s like to be an English student at a Scottish university

Sorry, could you say that again?

We’d all be better off if we cared less about social media

Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel

Just Love society are standing outside the library for 24 hours

It’s gonna rain as well

Uni footballers running 10k to raise money for cancer charity

Lap it up

GHK rugby club raising funds by holding Butlers in the Buff evening

Look at those bods

Vote now: What’s the worst thing about Glasgow?

You can even vote for The Tab

GUSA going silent tomorrow to raise money for mental health charity

Oh so quiet

I tried to be a fashionista at the GUCFS launch

I failed miserably

Meet the swimming and water polo club

Splish splash splosh

Missing teen Kara Dorman found safe and well

She went missing after a night out at Tunnel

Behind the scenes at this year’s fashion show auditions

GUCFS are already prepping for February’s big show

Anti-semitic Polish football yobs terrorise Kelvingrove Park residents

They were chanting and performing Nazi salutes

‘Evil’ Alexander Pacteau could be retried for attempted rape

His alleged victim in 2013 warned Pacteau would strike again

Manhunt after woman, 24, raped near Central Station

Police are appealing for witnesses.

Nearly 40 per cent of freshers buy new clothes instead of using washing machine

No wonder they’re broke

Glasgow is the third best university in Scotland

We’re also 26th in the UK according to The Times

Clubbers of the week: Bumper exams special

Fizzlin and sizzlin

Cycle-powered cinema event coming to Glasgow

Eat popcorn and stay fit, bonus

The best of #glasgowuni Instagram

Woke up like this

Your uni mates will always be better than your friends from home

The sooner you realise that the better

Bus stop is best celeb-spot in Glasgow

And you thought seeing Frankie Boyle on Byres Road was cool

Cali girl turned Jihadi Bride denies recruiting London girls

Her family’s lawyer say she is a ‘sacrificial lamb’

Are literature students doomed in love?

That light through yonder window breaks wind

Glasgow Uni to spend £775 million on new facilities

What about the library food

Full extent of Glasgow School of Art fire is revealed

Paintings by Mackintosh himself were lost

Scottish party leaders admit past drug use at Glasgow uni conference

They were young too once

Glasgow Vice-Chancellor using expenses system for first class flights

Glasgow’s the ninth top spender on flights expenses in the UK

Teenager stabbed in broad daylight on Dumbarton Road

Police are appealing for witnesses

Tributes paid to Cali PhD student killed in Iraq

Friends had begged him to stay in Scotland and stay safe

‘Sinister’ law student jailed for raping and torturing women

He was described as ‘a Jekyll and Hyde character’

I went vegan for nine days and it sucked

I almost shit myself in public

Deadly ‘super-strength’ ecstasy hits Glasgow

‘They simply are not safe’

From fugly to fit: These transformations are insane

What is this magic?

Ruthless artist blasts Glasgow School of Art as ‘fun factory’

‘The students all want to be rich and famous but do fuck all’

Scumbags steal £3,800 from Maryhill Foodbank

‘My heart is truly broken’

Strathy finally strips Pistorious of honorary degree

Took them long enough

Engineer-ous: Third year turns ironing board into snazzy snowboard

He does engineering, of course

Super Cali girl joins ISIS, her handbook’s atrocious

She fled to Syria in 2013 after dropping out of Uni

Uni mourns beloved Adam Smith cat

We’re gutted

Is this your missing memory card?

‘Sentimental’ student sparks global mission to reunite family with holiday snaps

Tributes paid to Glasgow Uni students killed in George Square crash

A fresher and a graduate were among the dead

It’s official: Glasgow’s students are stinky

Tell us something we don’t know

It’s official: Glasgow’s nightlife is better

As if you needed told

Man pleads guilty to sexual assault in West End pub

The victim was on a sub-crawl

SmartWater: Every thief’s worst nightmare

The liquid that catches traces of DNA being handed out to QM students

Free speech: Israeli ambassador hits back at Glasgow Uni

‘The University made a choice to bow to intimidation’ says Curiel

The truth about St Andrew’s Court

‘Luxury’ was a lie

Absolutely mortifying online mistakes

If you haven’t made at least one of these mistakes, you are a god among mere mortals

From ShangriLa to ShangriNaah

Bring back the stilts and juggling…or we go

Glasgow sends second Meningitis warning this year

The Strathy outbreak has them sweating

These first years think they have it tougher than you

Their workloads are too much…apparently

Fourth-years set up homeless dog clinic… but they’re still waiting for their first patient

It makes your 2p charity donations seem pretty stingy

The Cheat Sheet: We asked five students their ‘easy subject’ choices

You’re welcome.

Clearing latecomers living in West End luxury

Uni ups their game after last year’s cock-up