It’s time to admit that being small is the best

We don’t get vertigo

Being petite is great and it’s time we acknowledge the truth.

Being 12 years old and a whopping 5″2 was an exhilarating experience, but then everyone else continued to grow and I did not. The long legged girls stretched out to dizzying heights and I still fitted in my Year 7 skirt and blazer all the way through school. tallpeople

There are times when being tall seems like the better alternative. It’s the awkward silence when an old family member cries “You’ve grown so much!” but just can’t because you’ve remained the same height for eight years. The top shelves in Tesco are dark, secluded places one can only wonder at and netball was always an exhausting struggle.

But the vertically challenged should unite against the tall masses and be proud to know we have it better. Not many people can say they’re the same height as both Kylie and Chairman Mao. 

Small people are infinitely more fun on nights out, mainly because we’re portable. We can fit into amusing spaces that are guaranteed to end up on Instagram. In reality, we only constitute as half a person, meaning we free up space on the dance floor for every one else. Short and selfless. 


Not everyone can fit in the dog cage

Our ability to squeeze into small spaces has become the envy of those less agile. Whilst we put up with the constant “Are you alright down there?” jokes, we don’t ever have to wait for the next tube because our teeny tiny selves will always find room, even in the most crowded situations. 

Upgrading to first class is never necessary because we’re spoilt for leg room on airplanes. Even if the selfish person in front pushes their chair back, we can always curl up on the seat.

The thing about being small is that it’s only temporary, where tall people can’t exactly make themselves shorter, a killer pair of 6 inch heels makes us normal height, and a sass queen. Kitten heels are ugly, futile and something we don’t have to associate with. Our legs are lengthened but the cuteness remains.


The adorableness attributed to being petite creates a sense of perpetual youth. Yes, we have to show our ID wherever we go but it also means we can pass for 16 on the bus. If anything, being small saves you money.

Shopping in the kids section of a store is a regular occurrence, despite the funny looks we get from shop assistants. I have never paid more than £45 for a pair of Nikes because small feet come with small prices.

So whilst fun sized Mars bars might be a disappointment, us fun sized friends are certainly anything but.