How tragic was your first email address?

[email protected]

“Your email address, the way you come across is the most important part.”

Barclay’s latest LifeSkills advert takes employment advice to a patronisingly low level. Your MSN names may haunt you forever but we’ve grown up and left them far behind.

Connor, 23, Physics


[email protected] – “heyitsmeagain5 was already taken”

Emilie, 18, Classics


[email protected] – “I’m half French and my surname happens to sound like croissant”

Katie, 21, Economics and Philosophy 


[email protected] – “I really loved Red Bull”

Kat, 20, Law


[email protected] – “It can’t really get any worse”

Tom, 19, Geography

[email protected] – “I’m dyslexic, it was a failed spelling of Tommy”

Jenna, 19, History


[email protected] – “I was a grumpy sheep in my Year 4 school play, I thought it was cool”

Nat, 20, Economics


[email protected] – “I have no idea what was I thinking”

Sophie, 20, English Lit


[email protected] – “I contemplated the edgier versions of Sophie to figure out what would be the coolest”

Your first may have been pretty shocking but no one is stupid enough to put any of these on their CV.