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Ja Rule’s non-apology after the Fyre Fest meltdown is so self-centered and I love it

Guys, it’s not his fault

‘Rape is inevitable may as well enjoy it’: Aggie Ring plaza vandalised with sexual assualt slur

It was pointing at the Clayton Williams Memorial Centre

Michelle Obama wrote a college recommendation for the star of Black-ish

This makes yours look weak af

Computer science majors are pretty much guaranteed a job after graduation, data says

You’ll be paid more too

UNL is officially better than 98% of all universities in the world

Go Cornhuskers!

The students who invited Milo Yiannopoulos to their campuses say they would bring him back

‘I’d be more likely to invite him back now, just for solidarity’

Last night, at JFK, the anti-Trump protest movement achieved lift-off

Meanwhile Trump said his ban was ‘working out very nicely’

Protesters are sharing these rules in case anti-Trump protests turn violent

They tell you how to deal with pepper spray and tear gas

Suck it ‘Bama: Tigers win their first National Championship since 1981

Sweet revenge

More celebrities are going to die in 2017 than this year and there’s nothing you can do about it

It’s only going to get worse

How to get into an Ivy League school, according to an expert

We asked a former Harvard interviewer

Every person you’ll see on the internet this Election Day

When will it end?

Lake Tahoe is probably the least picturesque place in the USA

Why would you ever want to go there?

Someone hung a racist Halloween decoration outside LSU student dorms

It said ‘Go back 2 africa’

Boris Johnson is the officially the worst Etonian ever

They’re all pretty rubbish though

Trump advisers waged underground campaign for pro-Russian government

Trump’s campaign chair is in trouble

WikiLeaks released dozens of what looks like hacked voicemails from top Democrat officials

They say ‘there’s a lot more material’ to come

Harambe’s blood is on the hands of everyone who’s been to a zoo

If you gawk at animals in captivity, you have no right to take the moral high ground over his killing

George Osborne 13 years ago: Tuition fees are unfair

In a letter he said £3,000 a year was too much

RESURRECTED: Paddy’s is OPEN as normal

It’s all sorted out now

Durham School of Medicine might be transferred to Newcastle Uni

It’s the preferred option

What was that referendum about? Seriously.

Spend more time changing lives

Durham’s Fred Flintstone: My hunter-gatherer summers

He doesn’t even have Netflix

Rhodes Must Fall founder makes waitress cry ‘typical white tears’


Hatfield Fashion Show was absolute goals

There was rapping at the end

Jewish Soc Presidents have asked NUS Pres hopeful Malia to explain herself

They are worried about her ‘past rhetoric’

‘I got burnt a day before my first birthday’: How my injuries changed my life

‘I just want everyone to be free and open, and not judged for something that wasn’t their fault.’

Why we should vote to stay in the EU

It’s impossible to know what will happen if we Brexit

‘Insulting and hypocritical’: Petition calls for ban on DU rebrand

The DSU has now removed the presentation

Uni distances itself from student societies in barmy re-branding

We can’t call the DSU, ‘the DSU’ anymore

Hatfield’s ball bags a PERSONALISED Snapchat filter

Eton Messy will also be there

BONDAX to play at the ‘biggest Champagne Ball ever’

Redlight will be there too

The Library Safari: Every person you’ll see

You know who you are

Dee IS for Durham: Alice Dee takes SU Presidency

Did you even vote?

It’s time we realised Woking is superior to Guildford

It’s a Surrey thing

Fit Firey Fighters: Meet Aggression Sessions’ Boxers

It’s all for charity

England to Mongolia: Durham boys will drive 11,000 miles for charity

The car cost 900 quid

Fit, Fun, and Fabulous: Meet Hatfield’s Models

You hate them, cos you ain’t them

Gospel Project squad pics represents why we didn’t want to go to Oxbridge anyway

Only if you got tickets though

Hatfield vote to KEEP ‘antiquated’ Senior Man title

More people turn up for a rugby match

Hatfield to debate the ‘symbolic’ title of Senior Man

This time it’s different

Durham station to get a Micropub?

It’s a pub, but mini.

Secret societies make me embarrassed to go to Durham

They’re the Plastics

Kilts, sparkles, and bubbly: The Champagne Society Winter Ball was HUGE

Get out your evening scarf

Why you should join The Tab Durham next term

We had over half a million views last month

Massive disruption after Uni Wifi goes down following attack

It’s a nationwide assault on our procrastination

Gone in 60 seconds: DUCFS tickets sold out within ONE minute

They even sold out the Friday show

There’s more to life than rowing

7am doesn’t have to be a lie in

Cyclist trapped under X12 bus in collision outside the DSU

He’s now been pulled free

‘They could bomb the metro, or you could get shot walking’: The Cardiff third year in Paris

She’s safe now

‘The streets are empty apart from police cars’: We spoke to a Durham grad in Paris

I can’t believe how the city has just shut down

Tab Campaign: Get contactless payment in Tesco Metro

Where is the humanity

Half of Durham girls have been sexually assaulted

The majority say it happened at uni

Tab Exclusive: Eton Messy will join Chase and Status at Palatinalps 2015

The Eton boys will get messy

Man arrested after a sexual assault on Lawson Terrace

He was riding a bike when he approached the woman

Good Lad workshops are a far cry from the patronising ‘down boy’ attitude

You can still have fun with the boys

Police investigate reports of missing girl by Elvet Bridge

They deployed Durham’s only dog unit

Durham Union use picture of ISIS to promote debate on Islam

They used the first Google image of ISIS

How the SU is training freps to fight sexual harassment

‘Ask them where they got their shoes from’

Is everyone who plays polo this posh and handsome?

The only men who can work a white trouser

Boys prefer edgy brunettes to girls with blonde hair

Blondes don’t have more fun

We road tested a Swegway around awkward London locations

It’s much better than walking

Pretentious London exhibition wants you to smell and taste art

It was all a bit anti-climatic and confusing

Nick Clegg had the chance to stop tuition fees rising to £9000

Osborne said he was ‘mad’ to let them do it

Salsa lessons and rave badminton? No thanks, I’d rather spend freshers getting drunk

Non-alcoholic freshers’ events will never be more popular than bar crawls

Durham Grad nails X Factor in ‘unpredictable’ audition

He even sang a Beyoncé song

Euan Coulthard’s Mum wants the street angels back

Bosses have cancelled the scheme

Street Angels projects lose their halo as uni scraps scheme

Unjustly thrown from grace

Perilous paths to close as river safety campaign runs its course

It’s part of a huge new safety project

New laws will make it easier to delete cringe FB posts from your teens

WKD vibes

The UK’s largest trampoline park is being built in DURHAM

It’ll be ready by the end of July

Here are the yummiest boxers about to fight in Aggression Sessions

Photographed in tasteful monochrome

Euan Coulthard’s death was an accident, says inquest

‘Euan, his smile like the rising sun, was a joy to all who knew and loved him’

Durham goes into Labour

Are you surprised?

Durham ‘student’ hit by car during Church Street funeral procession

The girl was on a zebra crossing when she was hit by a Vauxhall Corsa

Justice for Econ: We’re probably 7th best for Economics in the country, not 23rd

Business school Dean gets on phone to chaps from rankings

Durham dominates Oxford across this year’s league tables

Doxbridge? No. Dumbridge…or Camham?

Durham second year runs 155-mile Ultra Marathon with broken leg

Is it just me or does he look like Brody from Homeland?

Authorities to face student questions over river safety policy

Obviously it’s on student drinking and not the river

Watergate: Esquires brand Durham student ‘pompous’ in row over free water

Water lot of bother

Barmy uni rules will stop reps looking after post-offer open day pre-fresh if they go out

If you’re a Post-Offer Open Day rep and you’re seen on a night out in your t-shirt – you’ll get a disciplinary

Durham student rescued from river in early hours of the morning

He was rushed to hospital and treated for a suspected case of hypothermia

Police in Durham blame ‘alcohol and late night drinking’ for three student deaths in 14 months

Durham Supt: ‘It’s broader than simply putting barriers at the riverside’