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Charlie Capel


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The students who invited Milo Yiannopoulos to their campuses say they would bring him back

‘I’d be more likely to invite him back now, just for solidarity’

Last night, at JFK, the anti-Trump protest movement achieved lift-off

Meanwhile Trump said his ban was ‘working out very nicely’

Suck it ‘Bama: Tigers win their first National Championship since 1981

Sweet revenge

How to get into an Ivy League school, according to an expert

We asked a former Harvard interviewer

Every person you’ll see on the internet this Election Day

When will it end?

Harambe’s blood is on the hands of everyone who’s been to a zoo

If you gawk at animals in captivity, you have no right to take the moral high ground over his killing

George Osborne 13 years ago: Tuition fees are unfair

In a letter he said £3,000 a year was too much

Rhodes Must Fall founder makes waitress cry ‘typical white tears’


Jewish Soc Presidents have asked NUS Pres hopeful Malia to explain herself

They are worried about her ‘past rhetoric’

Why we should vote to stay in the EU

It’s impossible to know what will happen if we Brexit

Good Lad workshops are a far cry from the patronising ‘down boy’ attitude

You can still have fun with the boys

Durham Union use picture of ISIS to promote debate on Islam

They used the first Google image of ISIS

Is everyone who plays polo this posh and handsome?

The only men who can work a white trouser

Boys prefer edgy brunettes to girls with blonde hair

Blondes don’t have more fun

We road tested a Swegway around awkward London locations

It’s much better than walking

Durham Grad nails X Factor in ‘unpredictable’ audition

He even sang a Beyoncé song

Durham second year runs 155-mile Ultra Marathon with broken leg

Is it just me or does he look like Brody from Homeland?

Police in Durham blame ‘alcohol and late night drinking’ for three student deaths in 14 months

Durham Supt: ‘It’s broader than simply putting barriers at the riverside’