Asylum seeker allowed to study at Coventry after three years of apealling

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Meet the local team

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I spent a whole day at uni completely drunk: Here’s what I learned

Being drunk in your 9am seminar is NOT the one

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All the things I wish someone had told me before Freshers’ Week at Coventry

Learn from my mistakes please

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We reviewed the best and worst places to take your date in Coventry this Valentine’s Day

Aka how not to fuck up this Valentine’s Day

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We asked students from other unis what they really think of Coventry

‘A 10/10 edgy choice’

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This is every stereotypical Coventry University student you’ll ever meet

When you think you’re at London Fashion Week but really you’re just heading to Lanchester Library

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Coventry’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nominee: Scott Jones

‘I have a rich father’

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These were the best Cov Uni cosplayers at Birmingham Comic Con

Because what else would you spend your maintenance loan on?

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Coventry vs Warwick: Which student night out is better?

Spoiler: Warwick students are really posh…

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Nominations for Coventry’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2017 are now open!

Is your bestie the fittest or waviest singleton in Cov? Nominate them here!

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Best dressed at JJ’s BOOM! Tuesdays last night

‘Are you official JJ’s photographers?!’