Mistake in third year Theology exam leaves students stressed over final grade

The exam instructions were wrong

Theology finalists taking Christian Tradition and Practise of Politics have been left extremely distressed after the exam rubric did not match what their department had told them.

The third years claim they were told before the exam to answer two questions in two hours but the front of the paper stated three questions in three hours. 45 minutes into the exam the invigilators announced that it was in fact three questions in two hours.


Ed told The Tab: “We saw the rubric when we walked into the exam venue and informed the invigilator. We were talking with them and amongst ourselves until it started and when the guy came round telling us the department said three questions in two hours each person chatted with him for a while. No one really knew what was happening.”

The exam, which took place in Maiden Castle, made up 70% of the 20 credit module.