Cuth’s finalists racially abused in Dixy Chicken

The man threatened the group and said he was carrying a knife.

A group of Cuth’s finalists were racially abused on Thursday after a night in Dixy Chicken on North Road. The friends had attended a formal and were on their way back home from Cuth’s bar when the incident happened.

A local Durham man entered the takeaway at around midnight and started shouting abuse at two of the boys. Robert, one of the Cuth’s finalist told The Tab: “He asked my Indian friend why he was eating chicken if he was a Muslim and then called me a half-cast c***. When we asked why he cared, he completely flipped and shouted that he was carrying a knife.

He then told us he’d been convicted of armed robbery and was in a gang. The crazy bit is that the staff at Dixy Chicken kicked us out, making us wait outside while the local man got his food.”

The suspect was convicted of armed robbery two years ago after walking into a convenience store and stealing £60 after claiming to have a knife.

Robert also added: “The man was pulling up his shirt and shouting, “I’ve got a fucking knife, this guy behind the counter knows me and knows what I’ll do” and the man behind the till just agreed.”

The suspect has since been arrested.