Rikki Loftus

Five Guys is coming to the Arndale Centre

Forget the Olympic parade

Cat Cafe Manchester targeted in suspected arson attack

It happened this morning

Meet Girl Gang, the movement taking over the North

‘The idea of a girl gang is that anyone can become it’

In age-gap relationships, it’s always women who are ridiculed

Gold digger vs toy boy

I’m not ashamed to admit I love Fifth Avenue

You can’t say no to 99p drinks

Owens Park revamp abandoned due to unaffordable costs


Stagecoach has brought in Manchester’s own version of an Oyster Card

No more searching for crumpled tickets after a night out

Queen’s SURGES up three spots on uni ranking table

#1 QUBae

QUB beats Oxford in new university rankings

Unfortunately, we didn’t beat Cambridge

The Yik Yak-ers who made up Carmel street overdose should be ashamed

It’s not a joke or a prank – it’s disgusting

The Fly is holding a Game of Thrones night ahead of season six

Next week’s event is ticketed due to high demand

We are shocked by Trump’s stance on abortion, but yesterday a girl was sentenced on our doorstep

Northern Irish abortion laws are some of the most restrictive in Europe

Woman who carried out ‘DIY abortion’ has been given a three month suspended sentence

She ordered the pills from the internet when was unable to raise enough money to travel to England

Rat seen scuttling around Belfast KFC

More than you’d bargain bucket for

QUB single honours degrees at risk of being cut

Entry requirements are also being raised

Three Cork students injured in Spain coach crash

The crash killed 13 people

Arrests in the Holylands: Riot police and dogs were deployed

One policeman was injured early this morning

Holylands anti-social behaviour officer appointed for St Patrick’s Day

Don’t rock the boat guys

Every single struggle you face being a girl with a boy’s name

‘But what’s it short for?’

Queen’s is in the world’s top 200 universities


QUB asks grads to endorse Mandela Hall demolition

They want Queen’s alum to help raise the funds

Which course gives out the most firsts?

Gutted if you do Veterinary

Which subjects work the hardest?

Now Medics have another excuse to complain

Student elections were so much better when a pirate was running

No, I don’t want to read your manifesto

Queen’s SWOT society hoping to raise £35k at this year’s fashion show

Tickets are available this week

Queen’s fresher Rebecca Finlay has been nominated for Closer’s blogger mum of the year

She needs your vote

Ashton-under-Lyne has a bad reputation, but we love it anyway

Joe Swash opened our Poundland

Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountain Range is voted prettiest in the UK

Surprise surprise, GoT was filmed there

New QUB city centre halls are given go ahead by the Council

Remind us why we pay to live in Oak?

Pro-life societies are damaging and have no place at university

They represent everything that’s backward in Ireland

QUB researchers are proposing a new guideline for flag display in Northern Ireland

They can’t be considered intimidating

QUB department to be closed after they hosted the Charlie Hebdo conference last year

The conference was viewed as a security risk

Reconnected: Birthday Prosecco is back at Mandela

‘If you click attending you can have some of my birthday Prosecco’

Mortified student caught watching porn in the McClay

What a wanker

QUB to build two new halls in the city centre

Soz Elms

Netball intervarsities tournament to be held at Queen’s

Ulster won last year

Stop what you’re doing: Connected returns to Mandela on Monday

Does this mean birthday Prosecco is back?

There are 390 ‘sugar babies’ at Queen’s

Love is for poor people, apparently

Everything that ever will or has happened in the girls’ toilets on a night out

Has anyone got a hairbrush I can borrow?

Belfast is the second best capital in EUROPE

Where you at London?

Revealed: The hardest universities to get into

No prizes for guessing

Ulster second year’s Macbook stolen from her car in Stranmillis

The laptop contained all of her uni work

One night stand posted on UUJ student’s Facebook after he left his phone behind

She said he called her a fat slut to his friends

Quiz: How Holylands are you?

Crack open a bottle of bucky and see if you belong on Carmel

I went blind a week before I had to hand in three essays

Doctors don’t know why it happened

Belfast BNOC Mannix McAlister mistaken for Boris Johnson by tourists

His scooter was nowhere to be seen

Meet the Belfast student who went for a swim in a puddle outside Limelight

Aidan O’Neill is on the road to Rio

The drinking game you need for the poly versus posh bar crawl

One shot every time someone from UUJ suggests going back to the ‘lands

How likely are you to be burgled at your uni?

Lock your doors

Mandela Hall campaign: You can vote to save Mandela at next week’s council meeting

Don’t take away Shine

A new Nando’s is opening in South Belfast today

Get excited

James Nesbitt is the Ulster University chancellor

He has been for six years

Tab Campaign: Save Mandela Hall from demolition

‘The union is so much more than a simple shop and bar’

Fossil Free QUB have started an indefinite occupation of the finance office

They want the uni to divest now

No one gave birth in the McClay

There’s no McClayby

The Tab Belfast is looking for new writers

Join the team now

Uber is coming to Belfast

Forget Fona

Power cut leaves Elms freshers without electricity and water

The premium elite weren’t affected

Student protest campaign disrupts QUB meeting

They occupied the Lanyon quad

Should abortion be legalised in Northern Ireland?

‘I don’t see any reason that abortion should be illegal’

Queen’s is the 22nd most employable uni in the UK


A sudden death rocks Elms Village

It happened yesterday

Belfast’s fittest fresher: Nominations are open

Let’s put them on their rightful pedestal

Queen’s invests in new backpack vacuum cleaner for Elms

Bye Henry

There are two Belfast bike docking stations at Queen’s

Who needs Boris

What’s the worst thing you’ve had to do hungover?

Put it in the book

Boojum is overrated and you know it

Don’t believe the hype

QUB Societies are petitioning support for the MSF hospital bombing

They hope to start an independent investigation

McClay fire alarm causes evacuation

It’s your own fault for being at the library in November

Should same-sex marriage be legalised in Northern Ireland?

Love is in the Eire

Arts lecturers at Queen’s get paid the most

And they still can’t work a projector

Greggs is coming to Belfast

Did someone say 80p sausage rolls?

Northern Ireland has been ranked in the top 10 worst places to live in the UK, three times

What do they know

‘My boyfriend surprised me with 1D tickets and they cancelled the show’

The gig was called off five minutes before they were due to play

Queen’s fresher Rebecca Finlay is balancing uni work with raising a one-year-old

And you thought your housemate was dependent

Queen’s has gone hi-tech with a swish interactive campus map

So that’s where all our money’s gone

Queen’s is the best uni in Northern Ireland, again

Who cares anymore?

Meet the captains

Let them tell you why you should pick their team

Queen’s lands a spot in the top 200 unis in the world

Jordanstown didn’t make 400

A guide to doing freshers properly with BNOC Debbie Wilkinson

The myth, the legend, the BNOC

Queen’s slips a further TWELVE places down the league tables

We still love you QUB

Holylands’ Hatfield House has had a swanky renovation in time for freshers

You’ve no reason to leave the ‘lands again.

Tributes paid to ‘bubbly’ Queen’s grad killed in car crash

It happened on Saturday

Three Queen’s second years killed in A1 car crash

Friends have flooded social media with tributes

Letter addressed to ‘that boy with the glasses’ reaches post-grad in tiny village

The note inside read: ‘If this has arrived, you live in a village’

Rowan freshers discover mysterious Elms bucket list hidden in kitchen

Party in Rowan it is then

Gay marriage rally gathers at City Hall for equality

Love is in the Eire

String of Holylands burglaries: Intruder broke into Fitzroy man’s bedroom as he slept

Three houses were targets in under two hours

Debbie Wilkinson is your BNOC 2015 winner

The votes are in

BNOC 2015: Final Round

This is the most important election this year

BNOC 2015: Group Two

Forget the Milifandom

BNOC 2015: Group One

They’re reasonably important

Businessman Thomas J Moran is QUB’s new Vice Chancellor

And he’s a yank

Swathe of warnings threaten St Paddy’s fun in the Holylands

This will make your hangover worse

Titanic Belfast named ‘best tourist attraction’ in Europe

It even beat the Eiffel Tower

House parties are infinitely better than clubbing

Pre-drinks aren’t just the start to a night out, they’re a way of life

Armed robbery at Stranmillis off-license

It happened on Saturday night

In defence of gender neutral toilets

It’s really not a big deal

Belfast women run wild at 50 Shades opening night

Lock up your mums

#loveQUB is in the air and we wish it wasn’t

Queen’s has once again set the bar high in terms of embarrassment

It’s official: Northern Irish is the sexiest accent in the UK

So it is