Sarah Westlake

Sarah Westlake
Durham University


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Former Durham lecturer admits to series of sexual offences

The astrophysicist admitted to filming beneath young girls’ skirts

There’s no place in the world quite like Klute

Yet you keep going back

Oxford is officially one of the UK’s most attractive unis on Tinder

Better than Cambridge too

Palatinalps 2017 has launched: The Profiles

Meet your tour guides for 2017

A pair of Durham newlyweds’s first home is a real life castle

They’ve been married for three months

H&M’s new campaign is hair, curves, and everything it means to be a ‘lady’ in 2016

The Autumn 2016 Campaign promotes arm-pit hair, curves and gender neutrality

Another rape case against a Durham student has been dropped

George Worrall was cleared after CPS announced that a conviction was unlikely

Willy Anggono crowned Durham BNOC of the Year

It wasn’t Digby

It’s natural to miss your dog more than your family

Who do you watch Netflix with now?

Durham BNOC of the Year: The Finalists

The final round for this year’s biggest name is here

The Durham Finalists’ Bucket List

All those things you just have to do

Durham BNOC of the Year Nominations: The Wild Cards

Our pick of Durham’s biggest names

Sky high student rent is wrong – especially when the houses are so rank

It’s making university almost impossible for some students

Durham BNOC of the Year Nominations: Round 2

You just want to be them

Durham BNOC of the Year Nominations: Round One

Your shortlist for Durham’s biggest name

We found out how many people at your uni took a gap year

Unsurprisingly, Oxford were keen to get straight to the library

CONFIRMED: Stockton activities to move to Durham

It’ll happen in 2017

Disabled students: Durham is inaccessible

They can’t use the Night Bus

Durham hearts shattered as puppy room sells out

No puppies for you

Girls shouldn’t get free entry to clubs

It’s anti the spirit of equality

I dislocated my jaw singing along to Taylor Swift in Infernos

I was over excited

Everything you’ll learn on a year abroad in Spain

It’s perfectly natural to go out at 2am

The NUS say gay men are not oppressed enough to have LGBT+ representatives

Apparently they are a non-marginalised group

A suspicious package has been found in Old Elvet

Bomb disposal has been called

I paid a grand for art school and I still can’t draw

I thought it might help me to get a job

Being disabled is hard enough – don’t make it worse

Cuts could mean I could lose £1,500

‘The Homeless Period’ calls for Durham’s support

‘You wouldn’t think twice about donating nappies for babies’

Sleep Paralysis: The unspoken mental health issue

28 per cent of us have it

A politics third year is campaigning for Hillary Clinton

She’s on year abroad

Match4Lara: 60 of you register to save a life

Is it you?

Match4Lara: save a life in Durham this afternoon

You could be a match

Prisoners out perform Criminology third-years in new modules

Probably because they’re not hungover

Castle have a new welfare puppy coming tomorrow and it’s called Jolene

She’s only eight-weeks-old

Castle fashion show models will be chosen on personality

Bums, tits and abs are no longer the focus this year

What do you hate most about Durham?

Vote for your biggest pet hate

Your guide to Durham’s dialect

Because we’re too intelligent for actual English

Durham is finally getting a Pret

It’s about time

Castle changes JCR President to Senior Student

They voted in favour of gender neutral titles

Shocking new campaign compares dead students to drunk drivers

The loony drinking campaign was launched before we even got back

Durham Grads are the eighth most employable in the country

You’re leaving uni with a job

‘Everyone knows someone who has died’: Syrian Masters student on the horrors he’s left behind

He hopes Durham will teach him how to build a better Syria

TabTries: The Hild Bede Summer Ball

Didn’t get a ticket? You really did miss out as much as you thought you would.