John’s fresher owes almost £100 library fine since Easter

What is she doing in the library?

In the last two years, the beloved Billy B has made a ridiculous £237,956.89 on our overdue books, but who has racked up the biggest fine in Durham?

John’s first year Grace Gibson has managed to accumulate a massive £95 library fine since the Easter holiday alone.

grace gibson 2

The Natural Science fresher took out two books over Easter, which she was unable to renew because she had already hit the maximum limit.

Grace told The Tab: “It’s insane. I owe £95 supposedly, I think they may think I’ve lost them. They’re literally just normal books, not even short loan! I’m hoping that they’re charging me for the price of the books so when I give them back, it won’t be so high. Might be wishful thinking.

“The books were good, but no library books are worth £95.”

Is your library fine bigger than this? Think Grace has it easy? Email [email protected]