Sunniva Carlsen
Durham Editor of The Tab

Exclusive: Durham college rugby club plan ‘Thatcher vs Miners’ social

The dress code includes: ‘flat caps, filth and a general disregard for personal safety.’

We asked students at other unis what they really think of Durham

“Bloody chino wearing toffs”

Uber has finally come to Durham

…and there’s a discount for new users

College residence fees will rise to £7,422 a year

That’s a 3.5% increase

Students furious after repeatedly finding faeces on their wall

What a shituation

How to survive freshers’ week in Durham

We know you’re struggling, and we’re here to help

Durham ranked fourth best in the country by The Times University Guide

Our teaching quality is higher than Oxford’s

Can you just stop sharing your results on Facebook thank you very much

This needs to stop.

A Cuth’s second-year passed away yesterday

The college is offering help to anyone affected

Is Chris Hemsworth’s autograph for his fan at Chad’s the cutest story from his time in Durham?

It’s confirmed: he is a legend

There’s a website saying Klute’s building is for sale

This is bad. This is really bad.

Lucky Durham students run into Chris Hemsworth at Bill’s

…and drink his leftover wine

Durham vocab for Internationals

Solving your conundurham

Cascada is coming to Durham

What Hurts the Most is not getting a ticket in time

The Durham SU officer election results are in

20.8% of you voted

Drunk jailed for assaulting passing student

The judge described the attack as being “every woman’s nightmare”

Dangerous ecstasy pills are in distribution at Durham

Definitely not the high you want

Burglar targeting Durham students sentenced to 10 years in prison

Thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment was stolen.

DU Men’s Lacrosse to play England Senior Team on Sunday

They’re hoping to prove their greatness once and for all.

X Factor open mic auditions are happening in Durham tonight

Release your inner James Arthur.