Butler, Castle and Trevs sports banned by colleges from Shaheen’s Restaurant

Sports presidents were sent an ‘incredibly serious’ message

All societies in Trevs, Butler and Castle have been told not to hold events at Shaheen’s after police handed out drinking fines to several students outside the restaurant.

An email was sent to society presidents at Trevs, Butler and Castle asking them to note the “incredibly serious” message.

It read: “Information has recently come to the attention of the University which means they are strongly recommending that no student groups should and with immediate effect, seek sponsorship from Shaheen’s Restaurant or hold events there in the name of any College or the University.”

It is unclear how many colleges this applies to.


However the manager of the restaurant, Mrs Khan, was not aware that the email had been sent out.

Mrs Khan said it related to an incident on October 28th. Speaking to The Tab, she claimed: “Trevs’ rugby team came here for a meal and were drinking excessively outside beforehand, several were issued £90 on-the-spot fines from the police.

“The rugby team booked a reservation at our restaurant, they were misbehaving outside and were responsible for their own actions. We are going to contact our legal department to take further action as this is slandering a business with no good reason.

“Shaheen’s has been here for 32 years with no trouble at all from students and a club like Trevs rugby will not bring it down.”

Trevs were unavailable for comment.

Castle MCR students have also be sent a similar message telling them: “No student groups should, for the time being seek any sponsorship from Shaheen’s Restaurant (North Bailey) or hold events there in the name of College or University.”


Mika Vale, a PHD English Literature member of Castle MCR commented saying: “This is without a doubt the most tantalisingly interesting posts I’ve ever read on this page.”


A similar message was sent to sports presidents in Butler this morning.

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The Tab can confirm that Butler Disney Soc did not receive the email.