After 40 years in the spotlight, Durham nightclub Klute has shut down

It is currently unclear whether the closure is only temporary or permanent

Durham nightclub Klute has closed down after 40 years of operation.

The nightclub closed its doors on April 20th without any public announcement or explanation. It is currently unclear whether the closure is only temporary or permanent, Palatinate reports.

Klute first opened in 1971 and was popularised by their “Sunday Night Klute” service and unique quaddie drink. FHM Magazine famously declared Klute as “the worst nightclub in Europe” after the club previously holding the title burnt down; Klute has since been well known for this title.

The club also met fame by being owned by Dominic Cummings’ uncle until Tokyo Industries purchased Klute in 2013. Tokyo Industries have been contacted by Palatinate for comment on Klute’s closure, but a response is yet to be received.

Dillion Blevins, the general manager for Klute at the time of its closure, confirmed that the club has closed. He said: “As a former student of Durham University from 2017, I experienced Klute in its element firsthand. At no point was Klute the worst nightclub in Europe: Klute wasn’t even the worst nightclub in Durham.

“From what I have seen from the frontline of the Durham night out, I believe that while Klute’s closure isn’t solely due to changing student [club] preferences, it’s clear that the way we spend our leisure time and our money has completely shifted.”

Dillion added that “This isn’t just about one venue; it’s indicative of broader changes in student culture”, suggesting that nightclub culture as a whole is on the decline.

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