DSU president-elect ‘escorted from open day’ by uni security while handing out flyers about accommodation fees

The uni has said it is investigating an incident involving security and students

‘Insular and selfish’: Councillors roast Durham students at County Council meeting

Local councillors claim Durham students don’t care enough about the city

Durham Uni hints 8am lecture change might not go ahead after criticism reaches national media

The university has now revealed the changes are ‘provisional’ and ‘not final’

Durham SU president ‘furious’ at Uni’s decision to start lectures at 8am

No students or staff were consulted before the decision was made

Durham University will now start doing lectures that start at 8am

The University also confirmed that it will be splitting up classes from the start of the next academic year

Rotate’s ‘Raver’s without Borders’ raises over £1,000 towards saving withdrawn Durham Lawyer’s third year place

Adding to Raphael Chinwuko’s £20,000 total so far

Durham engineers told of error in exam paper with 20 minutes to go, only for there to be no error after all

The Engineering Department has made its second apology this exam season

UPDATE: In a stunning U-turn, Durfess re-admit Van Mildert to College War despite exec member buying votes

Justice was temporarily served

Van Mildert accused of ‘undermining democracy’ after Brazillian bot Durfess cheating scandal

Two hours in and almost half of their likes have come from abroad

Exclusive: Durham University to scrap nine month contracts because of pressure from academics

According to an email to Heads of Department shown to The Tab Durham

Engineering department apologises for exam errors

The department also has also promised to ‘review our internal processes’

Maths Department apologises for error not corrected until 40 minutes before end of exam

All students sitting the module have been encouraged to apply for Serious Adverse Circumstances

DURFC former vice-treasurer convicted of assault and sexual assault

He has been committed to prison for a total of 38 weeks

Durham Uni: John Snow students will not be able to move into new Durham home until September 2020

One year later than promised

Engineering students are ‘outraged’ as department makes three mistakes in one exam

One of the mistakes was revealed just 15 minutes before the end of the exam

DURFC former vice-treasurer to appear in court over sexual assault and assault

He will appear in front of magistrates tomorrow

Durham is the third most expensive city for grads to live in, according to new research

£2.60 pints make no difference??

A Durham research assistant has been banned from running in local elections

He is under investigation following ‘vile and abysmal’ tweets

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