Durham has announced that formals this term will be alcohol-free

No more half bottles of wine for us

All of the precautions Durham students should be taking in Easter Term

Hot girl summer calling, take two lateral flow tests each week to stop the spread of coronavirus

The Billy B café is back from Monday!

Brb off to get my Tex Mex sub

Vaccine passports to be required for access to Billy B

Students left blindsided and confused as proof of vaccination becomes a requirement for library use

Stuart Corbridge says his ‘thoughts are with’ family of Durham alumna Sarah Everard

A friend described the St Cuthbert’s Society alumna as ‘beautiful, thoughtful and incredibly kind’

Okay so Jackie Weaver recorded a personalised message for Chad’s

Take a sip each time she mentions authority

St Chad’s students given temporary exclusion from college due to Covid breaches

Students were warned last week about a ‘large Chad’s Covid breach’ on this year’s Chad’s Day

Durham introduces new safety net policy for 20/21 academic year

The policy sees a range of measures to ensure fair grading across all forms of assessment

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


All Durham Congregations planned for summer 2021 have been postponed until September

This is the second year in a row that Congregations have been affected by Covid-19

A mass vaccination centre is opening in Durham and it could be next Monday

It’s part of a roll-out of six other sites across the country

Durham Summer 2021 Congregation ceremonies postponed

The April 2021 ceremonies rescheduled for 2020’s finalists have also been put off to a later date

Durham University says all exams in the 2020/21 academic year will be online

The format will be similar to the 2020 exams

Durham is officially in Tier 3: Here’s how it affects students

No end of term Jimmy’s for us then

Durham University ranks 19th in the world for Arts and Humanities

This is the highest the faculty has ever ranked

Durham students had eggs thrown at them whilst volunteering with homelessness charity

Really? Another classism-related incident Durham?

Collingwood Football Club preparing for 24 hour run to help fight sexual abuse

Participants in the event tomorrow will run through Durham in fancy dress to raise money for RSACC