Durham summer congregation cancelled with no immediate plans to reschedule

An email sent this morning promises to consider ‘other ways of marking the occasion’

University staff to remove possessions from rooms of Castle and Hatfield livers in

They plan to relocate students to Josephine Butler following the Prime Minister’s Broadcast

Man dies after stabbing on Mitchell Street early this morning

A murder investigation has been opened

All Durham University exams replaced with online assessments

It is still unclear how practical exams will be assessed

Durham students told to take all belongings home in case term three is cancelled

It is to allow for ‘flexibility in the event of further changes’

Durham students on year abroad told to return immediately

‘I’m shitting it that they’ll shut the UK border and I’ll be stuck in Russia’

All classes cancelled and Durham students advised to leave campus

The library will still remain open

Lectures at Durham being moved to online teaching amid coronavirus outbreak

Politics and biology lectures do not require physical attendance

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