Durham University is the 6th best in the country

…according to the Complete University Guide 2018

Durham YouTube star Bea Jonite talks about her time in jail

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bea on solitary confinement and online fame

Former Durham lecturer will not be jailed for possession of child porn

He blamed his offences on Parkinson’s meds

McDonald’s is finally coming to Durham

Opening in October with a half-price student promo

JoBo student locked into the Bill Bryson overnight

What doesn’t kill you makes you go viral

Exclusive: Tom Harwood is running for NUS President against Malia Bouattia

Durham’s BNOC is making an even bigger name for himself

Reasons behind the 0 hygiene rating of Dixy Chicken

Looks like the Subway next door will be first choice from now on…

Durham is third best for Theology in the world

…and has a number of other subjects in the world Top 50

What’s on in Durham this week?

No its not your never ending trips to the library. Time to make some other plans!

DUO is down, again, two weeks before dissertation deadlines

To make your second term that tiny bit more stressful

Shawn Mendes gets into Twitter fight with Durham student

Mendes fans are not happy

We spoke to Godfrey Bloom when he came to Durham and bought ‘beer for the men and wine for the ladies’

Durham’s favourite racist uncle talks alcohol, banks, and hitting Michael Crick

Trevs has been evacuated

As if Trevs couldn’t get any weirder

There’s a Cuth’s Instagram account that posts menus early

@cuthscomida: “Menu updates, tepid banter”

Cascada is coming to Durham

What Hurts the Most is not getting a ticket in time

£1 house for sale in Durham

You’ll have even more money to spend on jägerbombs

The Durham SU officer election results are in

20.8% of you voted

There’s a new healthy food kitchen opening in Durham

Look out Paddy’s, there’s a new kid on the block

Nando’s wants to sponsor a Durham sports team

Here’s your shot at scoring a Black Card