St Aidan’s livers-in are being fed reheated food and living with mould

They have detailed what they have called ‘poor quality’ food and accommodation in an open letter to the university

Durham University refuses to comment further amid 10.3 per cent college price hike backlash

It is the biggest fee increase in over ten years

Durham students will only have nine days of teaching in February from UCU strikes

The full list of strike days in February and March has been released

Rushford Court to become Durham’s eighteenth college ‘in the longer term’

There are plans for it to be used by Hild Bede when the college is renovated

Durham students will lose up to 54 per cent of teaching days in February and March due to more strikes

It means students will lose nearly a thousand pounds’ worth of teaching this year

Durham Uni’s former top donor says he won’t give a penny more until unis protect free speech

Mark Hillery has donated £7 million to Durham and is well known among Collingwood students for putting his card behind the bar

New Durham Chancellor wants to ‘restructure’ tuition fees and ‘massive’ loans students face

Dr Hill admitted the ‘massive loans’ would have made her reconsider going to uni

Scientists at Durham University have just solved a huge cosmological enigma about the Milky Way

The research places Durham firmly at the centre of fundamental physics

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‘He pushed me against the wall and unbuttoned my shirt’: Students report further incidents with Jimmy’s bouncers

Jimmy’s say five bouncers have been fired since the first allegation came out

Uni says ‘Durham is a very safe city’, despite 43 per cent of students not always feeling safe out walking

Durham University hasn’t said they’ll do anything about it in light of this research

‘You better have a rape alarm on you’: Police investigating Jimmy’s bouncer for sexually harassing student

‘I had no idea what to do in the situation because they were so intimidating’

Increases to the Durham Grant mean the minimum grant will be over £500 more next year

The threshold for the maximum amount has also increased to £30,000

Durham SU forced to apologise after making ASMR video about its student food bank

‘The attempt to aestheticise a student food bank is a deeply, deeply ignorant and damaging act’

Durham will have lecturer strikes for three days this month

All other UK universities will have strikes too

Durham students told Chinese exams will likely be in person, despite finalists not having a year abroad

One student even chose to transfer degrees after not being able to go abroad

Durham Uni website suggests average weekly rent is £60-100, but The Tab finds it to be over £140

If only rent was this cheap in the housing crisis!