Durham student tries to organise mock trial for murder of George Floyd

She was looking for someone to play the role of Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s killer

Durham 2020 Congregation ceremonies rescheduled for April 2021

An email from Durham University states that the full schedules will become available in Autumn

Secretary of State for Justice offers support of Durham letter tackling racist incidents

Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP has has shown support by offering to contact the Vice Chancellor of Durham after reading the student letter, which now has over 2000 signatures

Durham Black Lives Matter event met by counter-protest

The counter protest was attended by 10 people and was disbanded by police

Petition to tackle Racism and Diversity Issues at Durham gains over 3,000 signatures

It was created after a video of a Durham student espousing hate surfaced online

Durham student investigated after making racist remarks in video

The student concerned told The Tab Durham he sincerely apologises for the hurt it has caused

First year Durham Comp Sci exam released with answers on the question paper

Hey I’m not complaining x

Dominic Cummings is still the registered director of Klute nightclub in Durham

Though he no longer owns the actual club, sadly

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Vice-Chancellor Stuart Corbridge to retire next year

The news comes in the midst of exam season and a global pandemic

Durham students accused by Parish Council of returning to Durham to party

This is the latest development in tensions between students and Durham residents

Durham student house ‘absolutely ransacked’ while tenants away in lockdown

The 10-person house in Crossgate Moor was turned upside down in a new take on ‘decorating’ without the tenants’ knowledge or consent

Someone’s made a Virtual TNK playlist and I am living for it

I can almost taste the £1 Jägerbombs x

Plans for online courses at Durham University have been reversed

The decision comes after heavy criticism from both students and staff

Over 1000 students have signed a petition against restructuring plans

The petition condemns the plans for ‘prioritising profit above the needs of students and staff’

Durham University proposes plans for fully online degrees

The proposal comes as a response to the current Covid-19 pandemic

Facebook group ‘Overheard at Durham Uni’ has been archived

This comes after controversy over recent posts on the forum