Exclusive: Durham Union Secretary resigns after comparing women’s periods to pooing your pants

He said women wearing short skirts is ‘like leaving your door unlocked’

A Biology seal-watching trip was cancelled because the bus was too long

It didn’t get the seal of approval

This is how the university has responded to the Trevs rugby social

‘We should all learn lessons from this episode’

Durham SU President labels Trevs Rugby Club ‘arrogant and rude’

The club’s ‘Thatcher vs Miners’ social has been condemned nationally

‘Silence is violence’: We spoke to the Durham students counter-protesting the EDL

‘These attitudes went out with Hitler, and for some reason they’re surfacing again.’

Exclusive: Durham college rugby club plan ‘Thatcher vs Miners’ social

The dress code includes: ‘flat caps, filth and a general disregard for personal safety.’

Extremist anti-Islamic groups are planning a protest in Millennium Square on Saturday

Don’t worry: there will be counter-demonstrations

‘Find a classroom and shelter’: Elvet Riverside shut down as ‘explosive devices’ handed into Police Station

The cordon has now been removed, lectures are continuing, and a ‘controlled detonation’ has taken place

A Trevs formal collapsed into such deep chaos that college threatens to ban formals in future

Yes, of course there were food fights

The SU chooses to back Durham Uni’s fight for immunity from Dunelm Houses’s listed status

The SU is in favour of demolishing Dunelm House

Castle football teams have been banned from playing for the rest of the year

…due to initiation misconduct

Uber has finally come to Durham

…and there’s a discount for new users

Durham’s most revolting eyesore of a building could be torn down as the SU votes today

Listed status? Really?

Accommodation scam left Durham student robbed of over £1,500

A nightmarish start to a year abroad

Move over Assassins Society: This year, meet Game of Thrones Soc

But will they meet in John Snow College?

Bringing Stockton to Durham- what the new development is going to look like

Probably better than Stockton

Students furious after repeatedly finding faeces on their wall

What a shituation

Tragedy strikes as St Aidan’s bar closes

No more wine.