Durham introduces new safety net policy for 20/21 academic year

The policy sees a range of measures to ensure fair grading across all forms of assessment

All Durham Congregations planned for summer 2021 have been postponed until September

This is the second year in a row that Congregations have been affected by Covid-19

A mass vaccination centre is opening in Durham and it could be next Monday

It’s part of a roll-out of six other sites across the country

Durham Summer 2021 Congregation ceremonies postponed

The April 2021 ceremonies rescheduled for 2020’s finalists have also been put off to a later date

Durham University says all exams in the 2020/21 academic year will be online

The format will be similar to the 2020 exams

Durham is officially in Tier 3: Here’s how it affects students

No end of term Jimmy’s for us then

Durham University ranks 19th in the world for Arts and Humanities

This is the highest the faculty has ever ranked

Durham students had eggs thrown at them whilst volunteering with homelessness charity

Really? Another classism-related incident Durham?

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Collingwood Football Club preparing for 24 hour run to help fight sexual abuse

Participants in the event tomorrow will run through Durham in fancy dress to raise money for RSACC

Durham denied student support with legal costs after being raped on her Year Abroad

‘They told me that if I had committed the crime, I would get legal support, but because I’m a victim, I don’t’

Stephenson and Van Mildert livers-in have been asked to join a Covid-19 testing pilot

The test is meant to identify those most at risk of spreading the virus

Open letter from teaching staff to University calls for an end to in-person teaching

Strike action will be discussed at an Emergency General Meeting of the Union on Monday

Anonymous callers ‘hijack’ St Mary’s LGBT+ event to shout homophobic and racist slurs

Durham University have since confirmed that they have received reports of ‘Zoom bombing’ at student-led events

We spoke to the Trevelyan students who ran a charity marathon in isolation

‘Isolation could have been very lonely, but doing this crazy project together has been incredible’

Durham Students’ Union gives the go-ahead for some societies to meet in person

For now, it only applies to art and media-based groups

964 new cases of Covid-19 reported at Durham University in past seven days

Over 1200 students have now tested positive since the start of term