Alice Martin

Student contributor

Alice Martin
Durham University

Durham University lifestyle, campus culture, guides to student life, student news, league tables, UCU strikes, social media trends

  • Alice Martin is currently a student contributor at The Tab Durham, where she writes guides, features, and news pieces
  • Alice specialises in sarcastic takes on aspects of student life with the aim of informing and guiding students about the most talked about aspects of campus culture
  • In addition to her studies and student journalism, Alice is president of a college orchestral society, and has performed in several live music productions. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching films, cooking, and running


Alice Martin joined The Tab Durham in 2022 at the beginning of her first year at university, and is a regular student contributor. She has had pieces published on The Tab national site, and has achieved top daily views across all The Tab university sites


Alice is in her second year of studying Modern Languages and Cultures (French and Spanish) at Durham University, and will undertake a year abroad in both France and Spain in 2024-25


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