In loving memory: Students share their favourite moments from Klute following its closure

Never again will we be Knee Deep in Klute…


News that the infamous Klute had closed down shocked the student community this week. As we all trod through this week of mourning it’s important to keep spirits high and to focus on the good times we had, even if they are now just whispers of a past we can no longer return to. We asked you for your favourite Klute memories and oh boy… did you all deliver! Here’s a look at some of your most treasured moments and memories from the club once incorrectly tarnished as “Europe’s worst nightclub”.

1. ‘Doing an outfit change on the dance floor’

Sometimes the bathroom queues are simply too much of a piss take, especially when it comes to keeping the fashion police at bay. So while the DJ was dropping beats, this student was dropping jaws.

2.Falling down the stairs’

Well… it would appear that Shawty did indeed go low, low, low.

3.Flexing my gold amex in Freshers’

Ah yes, the credit card with a £0 annual fee for the first year… nothing quite gets people knee deep in Klute like the gold American Express.

4. ‘Someone pissing in the smoke machine’

I… I don’t even know how to respond to this one.

5. ‘My grandma telling me about her Klute adventures when she was younger and me reliving it’

This is unironically pretty wholesome; I’m sure you’ve made her very, very proud. Too bad future generations can never retrace our footsteps on that oh so sticky dance floor…

6. ‘The time they ran out of cups so we were using buckets!’

I guess you can cross that off your bucket list?

7. ‘Skeleton at Horrible Histories night’

I don’t remember being at Horrible Histories night… haha… skinny joke (I’m Australian I’ve never seen Horrible Histories, I’m so sorry).

8.Had my hat stolen and then was violently ill for a week’

This is one of my Klute stories! My cap was flicked off into the crowd, never to be seen again, but Klute didn’t leave me empty handed, it very sweetly gave me an illness that left me stuck in bed for a week.

Thank you Klute, that really is amore.

9. ‘When the speaker fell’

So the beat literally dropped?

10. ‘Mildert’s Sunday Night Klute’

There was something about Sunday Night Klute that was just so special. Klute was the best club in Durham and I will die on that hill!

11. ‘My friends pretended not to know me and then I was shoved away by two girls I’ve never met’

This is another of my Klute stories. I have no idea what I did to provoke this response but everything is either a good time or a good story I guess? I wasn’t stood there getting naked on the dance floor or pissing in smoke machines or flexing any credit card… or maybe that’s where I went wrong?

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