Is Itchy Feet worth it? The most expensive night of the year returns

‘Great vibes and great people’

Itchy Feet returns to Durham next Thursday at Loft for its only night of the term, charging a whopping £7 a ticket.

The pricey night is almost double Loveshack’s entrance fee but the organisers claim this is due to exclusive DJs travelling from London. The set at Loft is before the DJs start a UK-wide tour with Itchy Feet. itchy feet 2 Emily Claire, a Mary’s fourth year, told The Tab: “The best thing about Itchy Feet is that it’s not a night trying to sell itself as some kind of crazy, transcendent experience. All Durham nights are still in housed in the same tiny, dark clubs. So why try and make them into something pretentious? All you really need for a good night is great music that you can dance to, great vibes and great people.

“It is definitely worth the price.”

The night offers a refreshing alternative to the usual cheese of Loveshack and Klute, with DJs playing a mixture of swing, funk, rock ‘n’ roll, and SKA.

Itchy Feet aims to sell itself as an antidote to the commercialised, electronic club nights by focussing on old music and dancing.itchy feetJelly Cleaver, a third year Historian from Trevs, runs the night. She explained to The Tab: “Having sold Itchy Feet tickets for three years, I’ve started to realise just how much the people who go there love it and why they keep coming back.

“I can honestly say it’s the best night out in Durham, many people have told me.”

The night will be held on Thursday 25th at Loft.